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we can all use some extra help even the best drivers can’t be perfect 100 of the time so we created kia drive wise a suite of available advanced driver-assistance technologies that are designed to help keep you alert aware of surrounding traffic and even intervene in certain situations to help you avoid collisions.6 lane departure warning6 dw if the system detects you drifting too close to lane markers without signaling it can alert you with a warning beep lane keeping assist 6 dw if the system detects the vehicle getting close to lane markers it can apply corrective steering to help prevent you from drifting into another lane look for the labels ahead blind spot collision avoidance assist 6 dw radar is designed to help detect and alert you to vehicles in your blind spot and can even apply corrective braking to help you avoid some hazardous lane-change decisions dw optional feature available only on certain trims see kia.com for details 6 see inside back cover for endnote image shown for illustration only sx awd shown