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soul trims kia.com/soul for even more details same species different breeds soul comes in a total of six trims use this list to learn about some of the key features of the first three — the lx s and x-line x lines lx adds alloy wheels and more technology and features adds larger wheels body cladding and a few more rugged sporty features 2.0l multi-point injection mpi 4-cylinder engine 2.0l multi-point injection mpi 4-cylinder engine 2.0l multi-point injection mpi 4-cylinder engine 147 hp 6,200 rpm 147 hp 6,200 rpm 147 hp 6,200 rpm intelligent variable automatic transmission intelligent variable automatic transmission intelligent variable automatic transmission 16 steel wheels 16 alloy wheels 18 alloy wheels drive mode select drive mode select all the essentials and then some driving 6-speed manual transmission drive mode select † two-tone roof treatment exterior body kit fog lights technology am/fm/mp3 audio system am/fm/mp3 audio system am/fm/mp3 audio system apple

soul’s got more than personality it’s got the moves to match with an available turbocharged engine quick-shifting transmission and two different drive modes to personalize your ride soul is designed for sporty action and endless satisfaction two exciting engine choices include a 1.6l turbocharged gdi engine with 201 horsepower and a 2.0l 4-cylinder engine with 147 horsepower 7-speed dual-clutch transmission optimizes the engine’s responsiveness for enhanced acceleration and a sporty feel intelligent variable transmission ivt is designed with adaptive-style shift logic for smooth acceleration and a sporty feel drive mode select system lets you choose from normal or sport setting to fit your mood iso-structure tm construction is made with 54 advanced high-strength steel to help improve frame rigidity for greater driving dynamics and a quieter ride also turbocharged a chameleon’s tongue its super fast tongue can snag a cricket in about 20 milliseconds in

cargo versatility pop the hatch and for even more details kia.com/soul fill it up 60/40 split-folding rear seats fit your friends and their luggage rear passenger comfort thanks to an abundance of headroom and legroom concealed under-cargofloor storage corrals smaller items and keeps them securely hidden from view personal space please chameleons generally prefer to go solo and prefer plenty of their own space roof-rack ready with available crossbars so you can throw even more gear on top optional feature available only on certain trims see kia.com for details all cargo should be evenly distributed properly secured and never piled higher than the seatback gt line turbo

interior features kia.com/soul for even more details 8 head-up display10 projects an 8 color readout of important info such as current speed navigation route and lane departure warning system onto the pop-up display everything you need to command your territory bluetooth ®11 wireless technology gives you hands-free calling premium navigation 7 with 10.25 color touch screen supervision meter cluster displays info in easy-to-read high-contrast graphics steering wheel–mounted controls soul’s driver-centric technology-filled cockpit is designed to put you in control with its oversized displays and color touch screen plus a range of available premium sporty features for your audio and cruise control wireless smartphone charger8 because honestly who likes cords optional feature available only on certain trims see kia.com for details 7 8 10 11 see last page for endnotes simulated screen shown gt-line turbo

for even more details kia.com/soul connectivity link your soul’s universal remote uvo link5 is kia’s smart telematics system that lets you integrate your compatible smartphone via an embedded modem to perform an array of impressive functions just activate uvo link5 and download the kia access with uvo link app from the app store®1 or google playtm2 store we’ll even cover your subscription fees for one year from the original retail purchase/lease date remote lock/unlock12 can lock or unlock your soul from afar remote climate control12 lets you get the air conditioning or heater going before you get to your car remote find my car12 can locate where you parked your soul and even give you directions to it 911 connect13 roadside assistance14 will automatically attempt to call 911 to send help if your airbags deploy — or for nonemergencies it lets you connect with our call center for 24/7 roadside assistance my car zone15 lets you set and receive

for even more details and reacts kia drive wise it scans it kia.com/soul it sees it even the best drivers can’t be perfect 100 of the time so we created kia drive wise a suite of available advanced driver-assistance technologies that are designed to help keep you alert aware of surrounding traffic and even intervene in certain situations to help you avoid collisions.3 keenly aware of its surroundings look for the labels ahead a chameleon can move its eyes in opposite directions simultaneously — allowing it to scan the environment for food or danger without even moving its head optional feature available only on certain trims see kia.com for details 3 see last page for endnote image shown for illustration only gt line turbo

braking assistance kia.com/soul for even more details soul senses alerts and helps stop these available advanced features make soul extra adept at helping you brake and stay aware forward collision warning3 dw this system is designed to help detect slowing or stopped traffic ahead and alert you if it detects you getting too close forward collision-avoidance assist with available pedestrian detection3 dw this system is designed to help detect and alert you of a collision risk with a vehicle and even automatically apply the brakes in some cases available pedestrian detection uses even more advanced technology to help detect and avoid pedestrians in certain conditions driver attention warning 4 dw this system is designed to give you a warning signal to take a break if it detects inattentive driving practices brake assist system if you suddenly slam on your brakes it’s designed to sense the urgency and apply full braking power which can help shorten your braking distance electronic

active safety kia.com/soul for even more details four ways to help keep your grip electronic stability control esc † in difficult driving situations esc is designed to help control the engine and brakes for improved directional stability vehicle stability management vsm † vsm can intervene to help enhance stability and steering responses when driving on some slippery roads traction control system tcs † when tcs senses wheelspin during acceleration it uses a combination of engine power and brake force to help transfer power to the wheel that has more traction hill-start assist control hac † hac can help prevent the vehicle from rolling backward when starting on an incline by holding the brakes for approximately 2 seconds super grippy feet a chameleon’s foot consists of two fleshy pads that oppose each other together they work like a set of pincers to firmly clamp down onto vines and branches † no system no matter how advanced can compensate for all

passive safety kia.com/soul for even more details protection evolved advanced airbag system16 includes dual front front seat-mounted side and full-length side curtain airbags to help protect driver and passengers airbag seat-belt sensors16 are designed to monitor the severity of certain impacts and seat-belt use then help to control airbag inflation accordingly reinforced body cage is designed to help absorb impact energy to help protect the structural integrity of the passenger compartment in certain collisions front seat-belt pretensioners are designed to tighten driver and front-passenger seat belts in certain collisions to help reduce injuries advanced sensor systems strategically placed airbags and breakthroughs in materials and design that have led to strong body construction are just a few of the ways kia never stops working to help increase your protection.† height-adjustable seat-belt anchors let you adjust the front seat belts for a more customized fit to help improve

colors packages snow white pearl mars orange cherry black sparkling silver solar yellow lx s ex x-line gt-line lx s lx s ex gt-line lx s ex lx s x-line ex† benevolent honest and friendly and social some would sweet but also prepared ready to celebrate all warm and welcoming with with the laws of the universe suddenly a bit sleepy describe you as “out there” to indulge your dark side the good things in life a sunny cheerful disposition kia.com/soul gravity gray lx s ex x-line gt-line down-to -earth keenly in tune chameleons can “tune” pick a color that reflects your mood platinum gold tiny nanocrystals in their skin that reflect light creating a spectrum of colors inferno red neptune blue undercover green lx s ex x-line gt-line ex designer package gt-line ex x-line a little luxury sounds invigorated excited cool calm and happy to just lay low good right now passionate about life contemplative and play it cool ex when just one color isn’t enough for

six ways to roll soul offers the following unique wheel designs lx s ex 16 steel wheels 16 alloy wheels 17 alloy wheels x line ex designer package gt line gt line turbo 18 alloy wheels 18 alloy wheels black spoke 18 alloy wheels endnotes 1 apple the apple logo app store apple carplay and iphone are trademarks of apple inc registered in the u.s and other countries 2 vehicle user interface is a product of google and its terms and privacy statements apply requires the android auto app on google play and an android-compatible smartphone running androidtm 5.0 lollipop or higher data plan rates apply android auto is a trademark of google llc 3 these features are not substitutes for safe driving and may not detect all objects surrounding vehicle always drive safely and use caution 4 driver attention warning is not a substitute for safe driving and may not detect all instances of inattentive driving practices failure to pay attention to travel conditions and vehicle operation could