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backing-up technology kia.com/soul for even more details like having eyes in the back of your head the parking lot speed demon the wayward shopping cart the pole that wasn’t there just moments ago — there’s a lot to watch out for in the midst of everyday driving that’s why soul is equipped with these advanced features designed to give you a heads-up to all the activity going on behind you rear cross traffic collision warning3 dw uses visual and audible alerts that can help warn of traffic the system detects coming from either side when you’re in reverse rear-camera display 3 is designed to automatically display the rear view on your screen when you put your soul in reverse grid lines on the screen help guide you with yellow getting close and red stop grid lines that help track how much space you have before you bump into something dw incredible rear vision chameleons have an enviable horizontal range of motion allowing them to see what’s directly behind them optional feature available only on certain trims see kia.com for details 3 see last page for endnote image shown for illustration only gt line turbo shown