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active safety kia.com/soul for even more details four ways to help keep your grip electronic stability control esc † in difficult driving situations esc is designed to help control the engine and brakes for improved directional stability vehicle stability management vsm † vsm can intervene to help enhance stability and steering responses when driving on some slippery roads traction control system tcs † when tcs senses wheelspin during acceleration it uses a combination of engine power and brake force to help transfer power to the wheel that has more traction hill-start assist control hac † hac can help prevent the vehicle from rolling backward when starting on an incline by holding the brakes for approximately 2 seconds super grippy feet a chameleon’s foot consists of two fleshy pads that oppose each other together they work like a set of pincers to firmly clamp down onto vines and branches † no system no matter how advanced can compensate for all driver errors driving conditions accidents and/or injury always drive safely x line shown