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“i’ll never forget the allure of the fantastic gts from the ’70s cars that were as elegant as they were fast we designed the stinger with this vision — a modern interpretation of the classic gt that drives as good as it looks.” — gregory guillaume what’s possible when there’s nothing holding you back when you’re free to create the car of your dreams without history weighing you down what can you achieve with a blank slate legendary talent an irrepressible spirit and seven years to design engineer and fine-tune that dream into reality we know now it’s your turn to find out gt2

gt1 adds additional tech interior and performance features gt2 even more tech interior and advanced performance and driver-assistance features driving 3.3l twin turbo gasoline direct injection v6 engine 365 hp,1 376 lb ft torque 8-speed automatic transmission w/paddle shifters2 19 alloy wheels led headlights tail lights high beam assist brembo® brakes launch control limited-slip differential rwd only electronically controlled suspension awd w/dynamic torque vectoring 3.3l twin turbo gasoline direct injection v6 engine 365 hp,1 376 lb ft torque 8-speed automatic transmission w/paddle shifters2 19 alloy wheels led headlights tail lights low beam assist — dynamic high beam assist brembo® brakes launch control limited-slip differential rwd only electronically controlled suspension awd w/dynamic torque vectoring technology uvo eservices3 navigation w/8 touch screen2 apple carplay ®4 android autotm5 harman kardon®6 premium audio surround-sound system w/15 speakers 7

it took 7 years to create and 4.7 seconds to understand why stinger’s 365-horsepower,1 3.3l v6 has a 0–60 time of 4.7 seconds and a top speed of 167 mph.† it’s quicker than the 2019 audi a7 sportback awd 2020 bmw 840i gran coupe and 2019 porsche panamera v6 rwd.‡ and everything from its wheel housings to kicked-up trunk lid has been ingeniously engineered to cheat the wind for incredible stability at higher speeds but it’s also made for the long journey so you can take your time just like we did rear wheel drive or awd are both tuned to give you maximum driving thrills with either choice iso structure tm is made with 55 advanced high tensile steel to help improve rigidity in a variety of circumstances — which means you’ll enjoy better driving dynamics and a quiet ride five drive mode selections adjust steering boost shift points throttle mapping and suspension damping to give you a choice of five unique drive modes smart eco

kia drive wise designed to look out speak up and even step in forward collision warning 8 dw is designed to help detect slowing or stopped traffic ahead and alert you if it detects you getting too close forward collision avoidance assist with pedestrian detection 8 dw is designed to help detect and alert you of a potential forward collision with a preceding vehicle or pedestrian and even automatically apply the brakes in some cases even the best drivers can’t be perfect 100 of the time so we created kia drive wise a suite of standard and available advanced driver-assistance technologies that are designed to help keep you alert aware of surrounding smart cruise control with stop go 8 dw is designed to automatically adjust your driving speed to help maintain a predetermined distance from a vehicle detected ahead of you traffic and even intervene in certain situations to help you avoid collisions.8† lane departure warning 8 dw can help alert you with a warning beep if

low beam assist — dynamic dw headlights are designed to track with your steering angle and vehicle speed to help enhance directional lighting ahead of the curve even in the dark moonless nights winding roads and other nocturnal challenges are no match for stinger’s advanced illuminating technologies — each designed to help combat the rigors of nighttime driving and boost visibility in various conditions high beam assist 11 dw is designed to automatically dim the high beams for oncoming vehicles the system detects then return to high-beam setting once the vehicle passes full led lights with high-tech details expressed in the crystal led turn signals signature led daytime running lights and bright and powerful projection-type led headlights auto on /off headlights turn on or off automatically depending on outside light levels dw optional feature available only on certain trims see kia.com for details 11 see last page for endnote gt2

“no detail was too small to be obsessed over.” — orth hedrick executive director of product planning kia motors north america stinger’s cabin is exquisitely crafted with meticulous care put into every stitch and seam to ensure the highest attention to detail the hand-stitched leather steering wheel is finished with a diamond-shaped pattern that requires extra time and experience to execute everything you touch see and feel will move you even before you start the engine image shown for illustration

d shaped steering wheel with paddle shifters 2 inspired by those in race cars sit back and relax before the adrenaline kicks in stinger’s cockpit calls to mind the elegance of the classic ’70s gran turismos its cocoon-like interior features stitch finishing turbine-inspired air vents metal-ringed gauges and premium technology features designed to bring spirit and emotion back to long-distance driving heated steering wheel for frosty mornings wireless smartphone charger7 in the console storage tray provides cord-free charging convenience harman kardon®6 premium audio system includes quantumlogictm6 surround-sound system w/clari-fitm6 15 speakers for a rich crisp sound rain sensing wipers turn on automatically when the windshield sensors detect rain auto dimming rearview outside mirrors are designed to automatically cut the glare from the headlights of the car behind you optional feature available only on certain trims see kia.com for details 2 6 7 see last page for

location is everything all of your technology right where you need it — stinger’s screens are positioned to put you in command and keep key info near your line of sight.2 uvo eservices 3 links with your compatible smartphone for a hands-free way to stream music check maintenance requirements with vehicle diagnostics,12 and access 911 connect13 or enhanced roadside assist.14 an advanced navigation2 system is also available head up display 10 dw projects a color readout of important info on the windshield surround view monitor 8 dw uses four cameras to provide a view around the vehicle — especially helpful when parking in tight spots parking distance warning — forward reverse 8 gives an audible warning if it detects certain objects close to your vehicle while parking dw rear view monitor with parking guidance 8 dw uses a large bright screen that helps you see what’s behind your vehicle with guidelines that adjust to follow the direction you’re

go where you want when you want stinger’s advanced range of active safety features and technologies help combat slipping or skidding in challenging situations helping you to face down slick roads and unexpected turns with confidence.† fully active awd system available awd helps deliver enhanced handling and stability under heavy cornering or on low-grip surfaces on stinger gt models the dynamic torque vectoring control system monitors the drive and automatically applies power or braking to the front and rear wheels accordingly electronic stability control esc in certain difficult driving situations esc is designed to control the engine and brakes for improved directional stability vehicle stability management vsm vsm can intervene to help enhance stability and steering responses when driving in certain situations traction control system tcs when tcs senses wheelspin during acceleration it uses a combination of engine power and brake force to help transfer power to the

which color best describes your passion choose the package that completes you awd package awd heated steering wheel sun sound package gt line only power sunroof hichroma red micro blue navigation w/8 touch screen2 panthera metal gt-line gt gt1 gt2 gt-line gt gt1 gt2 gt-line gt gt1 gt2 intrepid passion fervor hidden depths limitless fortitude the pulse quickening clear-eyed discovery bravery tempered by wisdom aurora black ceramic silver snow white gt-line gt gt1 gt2 gt1 gt2 gt-line gt gt1 gt2 night mystery a spirit of the glint of cutlery chiming a clean slate in search fearless adventure a glass before a toast of the next amazing story harman kardon®6 premium audio surround-sound system w/15 speakers 8 way power-adjustable front passenger seat the content in this brochure is based upon information available at the time of printing and is subject to change without notice kia motors america inc makes no guarantees or warranties either expressed or implied with respect to the

endnotes 1 with premium gasoline 2 distracted driving can result in a loss of vehicle control when operating a vehicle never use a handheld device or vehicle system that takes your focus away from safe vehicle operation navigation is for information purposes only and kia does not make any warranties about the accuracy of the information 3 purchase/lease of certain new kia vehicles includes complimentary access to uvo eservices for 5 years starting from new vehicle retail sale/lease date as recorded by the dealer after your complimentary term of uvo eservices expires your access to uvo eservices may immediately terminate use of uvo eservices is subject to agreement to the uvo privacy policy available at owners.kia.com/us/en/privacy-policy.html and terms of service available at owners.kia.com/us/en/terms-of-service.html uvo eservices is transferable to subsequent owner during the original uvo eservices service term only use uvo eservices when safe to do so uvo eservices app is