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go where you want when you want stinger’s advanced range of active safety features and technologies help combat slipping or skidding in challenging situations helping you to face down slick roads and unexpected turns with confidence.† fully active awd system available awd helps deliver enhanced handling and stability under heavy cornering or on low-grip surfaces on stinger gt models the dynamic torque vectoring control system monitors the drive and automatically applies power or braking to the front and rear wheels accordingly electronic stability control esc in certain difficult driving situations esc is designed to control the engine and brakes for improved directional stability vehicle stability management vsm vsm can intervene to help enhance stability and steering responses when driving in certain situations traction control system tcs when tcs senses wheelspin during acceleration it uses a combination of engine power and brake force to help transfer power to the wheel that has more traction optional feature available only on certain trims see kia.com for details †no system no matter how advanced can compensate for all driver error and/or driving conditions aftermarket snow tires sold separately are recommended for snowy or icy conditions always drive safely gt2 awd shown hill start assist control hac when starting off on an incline hac is designed to automatically hold the brake pressure for two seconds after you take your foot off the brake pedal to help prevent you from rolling back