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head up display13 projects a color readout of important info on the windshield to help keep your eyes forward the secrets to staying centered telluride’s advanced technologies include blind spot collision avoidance assist,10 which uses radar to help detect and alert you to vehicles in your blind spot and even apply corrective braking to help you avoid some hazardous lane-change decisions lane departure warning10 can help alert you with a warning beep if the system detects you drifting too close to lane markers without signaling if you fail to respond to the warning lane keeping assist10 is designed to detect the vehicle getting close to lane markers and can apply steering input to help prevent you from drifting into another lane smart cruise control with stop go is designed to automatically adjust your 10 driving speed to help maintain a predetermined distance from the vehicle detected ahead of you lane following assist 10 can provide a degree of automatic steering control in certain circumstances during smart cruise control operation based on analyzing lane markings and radar-based front-vehicle information that it detects finally highway driving assist 11 is designed to automatically adjust the speed based on the speed limit of selected federal highways detected through the available navigation system.12 optional feature available only on certain trims see features page for availability 10–14 see last page for endnotes sx with prestige package shown extra help where you need it blind spot view monitor10 activates within the instrument panel when you turn on the blinker to change lanes displaying the blind spot in the direction your turn signal is indicating driver attention warning14 is designed to give you a warning signal to take a break if it detects inattentive driving practices