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Catalog Aftco & Centro Accessories 2012

aftco rollers 10 2 orange coated wire downrigger accessories fly fishing accessories kilwell downriggers downrigger fighting gloves fluro gold mst straps mst strap nylon coated wire rigging kit gold aluminium wire cutter 300 steel hand wire cutters copper wire cutter orange coated wire hand crimper centro batting gloves welding hand book 6 pole wiring harness ch18s

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Sporting Goods > Fly Fishing

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aftco gaff tag poles afg8 aftco flying gaff 8 hook/handle afhgg366 aftco fx head gaff 6ft x 3 gold agaf46 aftco f/glass gaff 4 hook/6ft handle afg10 aftco flying gaff 10 hook/handle afhgg586 aftco fx head gaff 6ft x 5 gold afist aftco mst-1 fish tailer afts not pictured aftco gold tag stick afb1 aftco s/up fighting belt 80-130lb afb2 aftco s/up fighting belt 50-80lb afb3 aftco s/up fighting belt 20-50lb afmfgh aftco maxforce game harness afbds aftco ads1 fighting belt drop straps aftco fishing gloves afrg release gloves 4 sizes afspg short pump gloves 6 sizes afsplrg s/pump l/range gloves 5 sizes afug utility gloves 5 sizes aftbat aftco fish bat afwmg wire max gloves 4 sizes aluminium fish bat aftrol aftco roller trollers pair aflat aftco flat line clips gfcdr aftco goldfinger downrigger clip dc1 gfcor aftco goldfinger outrigger clip oc1 albatrd red albatbl blue albatsl silver insert page

ande over 1,300 igfa world records shogun wire trace 10m from 40lb 600lb sure weld black nylon coated wire 10m ande tournament i.g.f.a mono 1kg 37kg ande premium trace 50yd clear 30lb 400lb from 40lb 200lb ande book of knots ksl156 ht flurocarbon leader 40lb x 50m 60lb x 30m 80lb x 30m 100lb x 20m 140lb x 20m 200lb x 20m kilwell blue igfa mono 1000m 10kg,15kg 24kg 37kg kilwell fluro orange igfa mono 1000m 24kg 37kg hd800 billfisher heavy duty crimpers assorted rigging accessories kilwell black bb swivels kilwell fibreglass tagpole 3 sizes 6ft/1.83m 8ft/2.4m 10ft/3.04m 3 sizes centro stainless steel bb swivels 4 sizes nz made tubular fibreglass handle fitted with nz approved tag applicator centro chg3 centro hand gaff 1ft x 3 hook centro crgk335 335 piece mono rigging kit to 200lb/91kg centro crgk350 350 piece wire rigging kit to 500lb/227kg alloy crimps gold aluminium f/h gaff 3ft x 3 4ft x 4 6ft x 4 dsmp65gb sports plier deluxe 6.5 copper crimps ch18-dlx centro h/duty hand