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exude fantail shrimp exude soft baits that release a slime coat of 50,000 parts per million of stimulants and scent base on contact with water designed to remain soft even when dry no need to recharge the bait in its packet next generation soft bait mtrt5spl exude rtslug salt/pep/lumo colours available lumo/chartreuse luminescent new penny measles e5rts8-orbkg exude rtslug red/gold shiner e5rts8-9rs1 exude rtslug bloody white s a lt water e5rts8-380 exude rtslug habanero saltwater use only not legal for use in freshwater the exude 2½ fan tail shrimp from mister twister presents a small profile while sporting lots of leg action its fan tail also flips during presentation to imitate the natural swimming action of a live shrimp rig it on a mister twister saltwater jighead and depending on the speed of your retrieve you will be able to fish it at virtually any depth e5rts8-13bst exude rtslug mardi gras exude rt slug features a chunky body with an undercut slot that hides the hook

mister twister the original soft bait lure unlike similar products on the market mister twister exude soft baits don t dry out and don t need to be recharged made from protein plus natural minerals and amino acids found to be most effective in stimulating carnivorous fish to feed these are fish food exude releases 50,000 parts per million of stimulants and scent base as a slime coat once in contact with water most fish species have a highly tuned sense of taste and smell that allows them to detect very small amounts of water soluble stimulants released by their prey in general this equates to 2.5 parts per million exude is a scent and stimulant explosion exude has a soft natural texture that not only exudes a slime coat that leaves a scent trail but also allows each lure to swim with an action that entices fish to strike take your exude soft bait out of the water and let it dry out it will remain as soft and supple as if it were straight out of the pack for the first time the