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Catalog TiCA Redback Rods & Reels 2012

red back rb4500r tica surf rod reel bearings surf rods angler 2012 330 stainless rod kilwell 3963su 1901bt caiman titanium spools oscillator roller 300m alloy steel coil spring colour code st series titanium rods reeling machine reel cover reel covers coil rod rod composites twisted steel rod titanium rod custom 14 mono titanium brake rotors

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Sporting Goods > Fly Fishing

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ansp spin red back 6 6 2pce rod 1972sp/rb2500r reel red back rods 19 models to cover everything from freshwater spinning to big game ansb softbait red back 7 2pce rod 2132sp/rb3500r reel powerful but responsive composite blanks incorporating the unique tica powerweave manufacturing process designed by kiwi anglers for new zealand conditions angp general purpose red back 8 2pce rod 2442gp/rb4500r reel eyecatching cosmetics and top quality componentry on every model anbt boat red back 6 1pce rod 1901bt/rb6000r reel anbc baitcast red back 7 6 2pce rod ticrb2262bc/cj200r reel ansu surf red back 13 3pce rod 3963su/rb7000r reel

ticrb6000red ticrb4500red ticrb3500red reels ticrb7000red ticrb2500red caiman cj200rd 4 precision ball bearings computer designed balanced rotor anti-twist rotor anti-twist titanium plated line roller soft-touch power handle knob coiled bail spring instant anti-reverse right left interchangeable handle crank oscillating system aluminium spool code ticrb7000red ticrb6000red ticrb4500red ticrb3500red ticrb2500red model rb7000r rb6000r rb4500r rb3500r rb2500r ratio:1 bearings capacity rrb+rb yds/lb 360/20 4.3 4 310/20 4.3 4 220/20 5.2 4 260/12 5.2 4 220/6 5.2 4 4 10 rrb rust resistant bearings 1 piece aluminium frame instant anti-reverse line out alarm centrifugal brake system forged alloy handle knob hi speed 5.2:1 retrieve capacity of 300m/6kg mono ticst10000r cybernetic frame st series intelligent oscillation system computer balanced anti-twist rotor titanium plated anti-twist line roller cnc machined aluminium alloy power handle 6 precision rrb stainless steel ball bearings