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night sights optical

optical sights accessories the m-21 is a maintenance-free dual-illuminated reflex sight that encourages quick and accurate instinctive shooting this advanced sight is ideal for close quarters where shooting with both eyes open is critical the m-21 works without batteries illumination of the aiming point is by fiber optics during daylight and tritium at night transition is immediate and automatic ensuring excellent contrast between the aiming point and target mx-3 ml96200 m-21 ml96330 ml96530 ml96630 ml96730 ml96731 the mx-3 mounts behind the m-21 and provides 3x magnification between the aiming point and target 7jaahznz bd69di bd6>ch^yz bd6djih^yz dezcm bd68zcizg bd6djih^yz 9di bd6 ig^vc az bd6 rifle shotgun sights meprolight night sights greatly enhance the usability of rifles and pistols by providing 24-hour aiming points benelli ml34301 remington ak-47 ml33115 ml34045 ml34660 benelli ml34302 ml34303 ruger ar-15 clones ml31615 ml31618 ml30921 ml30923 h&k ml31506 bead

pistol revolver sights beretta ml10662 cz ml17777 h&k ml11516 ml11516 ml11516 ml11517 ml11517 ml11517 oyoy beretta ml10664 glock ml10222 f.s ml10222 ml10222 o ml10222 y h&k ml11519 beretta ml10666 new glock ml10224 ml10224 o ml10224 y h&k ml21516 beretta ml10667 new glock ml10226 ml10226 o ml10226 y kahr ml15109 ml15120 browning ml10885 glock ml20224 kimber ml11212 colt ml10776 h&k ml11515 kimber ml11219 colt ml20776 meprolight night sight systems in fixed and adjustable versions are available for most popular pistols and revolvers they are 20 brighter than other

kimber ml21210 ruger ml20996 s&w ml12740 magnum research ml19595 sig sauer ml10110 ml10110 o ml10110 y s&w ml12800 ml12801 para-ordnance ml11801 sig sauer ml10129 ml10129 o ml10129 y s&w ml22770 ruger ml10990 ml10991 ml10994 sig sauer ml20110 s&w ml22771 ruger ml10995 s&w ml11735 ml11755 ml11765 springfield ml11410 ml11410 ml11410 ml11411 ml11411 ml11411 oyoy ruger ml10992 s&w ml11766 walther ml18800 ml18801 s&w ml11760 remember always check sight numbers before ordering information presented for informational purposes only and subject to change without notice © 2009 kimber mfg

models ak-47 ml33115 td set for ak-47 rifles note for soviet polish hungarian romanian akm-pattern rifles in 7.62 x 39 para-ordnance ml11801 td lda 12.45 14.40 14.45 fixed set mfg d before 2004 ar-15 clones ml31615 ml31618 ar-15 front sight only ar-15 w/2-dot peep rear set remington ml34045 td 870 1100 11-87 bead sight ml34660 870 1100 11-87 7400 7600 rifle sight set note this set fits models already equipped with rifle sights shotgun bead ml34044 ml34045 td bead sight 5-40 thread td bead sight 6-48 thread ruger ml10990 ml10991 ml10992 ml10994 ml10995 ml20996 ml30921 ml30923 td td td td td td td td p89 fixed set p90 91 93 95 fixed set front only sp-101 .38 sp 357 mag p94 97 fixed set p345 fixed set gp-100 super redhawk adj set front only mini-14 mfg d before 2006 front only mini-14 mfg d 2006 current benelli ml34301 ml34302 ml34303 m1s90 ghost ring set mfg d before 2002 m1s90 m4 ghost ring set mfg d 2002 current m2 nova superior ghost ring set beretta ml10662 ml10664 ml10666

the low-light advantage tm meprolight® sights have established a worldwide reputation for exceptional brightness and durability the first manufacturer of tritium sights to receive the prestigious iso 9002 certification meprolight supplies many firearm manufacturers with night sights for their production guns kimber glock h&k kahr mossberg remington and benelli trust meprolight sights because they are the best meprolight sights are backed by the strongest warranty in the business more importantly they are 20 brighter than other brands critical design features include light tubes that are sealed with a patented bonded process which makes them impervious to solvents and oils front dots are deliberately brighter than rear dots encouraging focus on front sight and beyond meprolight is the right sight in any light kimber mfg inc one lawton street yonkers ny 10705 800 880-2418 914 964-0771 fax 914 964-9340 www.kimberamerica.com 1/09