2010 Meprolight by Kimber

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Kimber Mfg. Inc.
30 Lower Valley Road
Kalispell, MT 59901
(888) 243-4522 ext 4381

Phone: (888) 243-4522
International Calls: (406) 758-2222
Hours: M–F, 9 a.m.–7 p.m. Eastern

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models ak-47 ml33110 norinco ak-47 set new ml33115 td set for ak-47 rifles note ml33110 graduated to 800 meters ml33115 for soviet polish hungarian romanian akm-pattern rifles in 7.62 x 39 mossberg ml34044 ml38501 ml38502 td bead front sight m500 td front only for m590 ghost ring 500 spx 930 spx shotgun set new para-ordnance ml11801 td lda 12.45 14.40 14.45 fixed set mfg d before 2004 and with vertical serrations only ml11802 td 14.40 14.45 fixed set mfg d after 2007 new note ml11801 for pistols with vertical slide serrations note ml11802 for pistols with slanted slide serrations ar-15 clones ml31615 ml31618 ml34044 ml34045 ar-15 front sight only ar-15 w/2-dot peep rear set td bead sight 5-40 thread td bead sight 6-48 thread m1s90 ghost ring set mfg d before 2002 m1s90 m4 ghost ring set mfg d 2002 current m2 nova superior ghost ring set td td td td m92f with integral front sight fixed set brigadier 92 elite fixed set px-4 f,g versions fixed set new px-4 c,d versions fixed set

optical sights accessories the m-21 is a maintenance-free dual-illuminated reflex sight that encourages quick and accurate instinctive shooting this advanced sight is ideal for close quarters where shooting with both eyes open is critical the m-21 works without batteries illumination of the aiming point is by fiber optics during daylight and tritium at night transition is immediate and automatic ensuring excellent contrast between the aiming point and target pistol revolver sights mx-3 ml96200 beretta ml10662 cz ml17775 new ml17777 h&k ml11519 magnum research ml19595 sig sauer ml10110 ml10110 o ml10110 y s&w ml12740 m-21 ml96330 ml96530 ml96630 ml96730 the mx-3 mounts behind the m-21 and provides 3x magnification between the aiming point and target beretta ml10664 glock ml10222 f.s ml10222 ml10222 o ml10222 y h&k ml11545 new para-ordnance ml11801 ml11802 new sig sauer ml10129 ml10129 o ml10129 y ml10138 new s&w ml22770 bullseye 4.3 moa dot 20 moa inside 30 moa outside open x 4.3 moa