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wiring harnesses our capabilities range from complex wiring harnesses to single wires to a variety of assembly work we have the ability to process wires using the latest automatic cut strip and terminate machines each having its own integral crimp force monitoring system ensuring quality is achieved on a repeatable basis we supply to markets such as automotive utility vehicles heating ventilation conditioning household appliances lawn care refrigeration and

automotive glass connectors we design and manufacture electrical interconnect cally parts include a wide variety of pre-soldered te lead assemblies being processed for use in power standard processes include high speed double-en sion stamping post plating automated round from mated fluxing processes we design and manufacture electrical interconnects for on-glass connector systems typically parts include a wide variety of pre-soldered terminals and single dual or multiple wire lead assemblies being processed for use in power and signal applications standard processes include high speed double-ended wire cut strip and terminate precision stamping post plating automated round from or flat form solder deposition and automated fluxing processes stamp using our cu manufacturing different prec pieces or in s to meet your stamping precision com and non-ferro sion tooling

automotive glass stamping connectors cally parts include a wide variety of pre-soldered termi we canfor also theand d lead assemblies being processed usesupport in power optimization standard processes include high speed double-ended sion stamping post plating automated round from or fl mated fluxing processes using our custom stamping and production tool manufacturing facilities we are able to offer many different precision stamped parts either in loose pieces or in strip form and in a variety of materials to meet your requirements precision components are manufactured in ferrous and non-ferrous materials on multi-stage progression tooling on presses ranging from 25 – 250 tons stampin using our custo manufacturing fa different precisio pieces or in strip to meet your req precision compo and non-ferrous sion tooling on

panel assemblies we specialize in the supply of electrical control cabinets and panel assemblies utilizing our cable assembly capabilities and our extensive supplier network to offer a complete assembly providing our customers with significant cost and time savings we can also support the development and the layout of the panels ensuring maximum

so how can klauke help you • we offer simple wires to complex harnesses panel and control cabinet assemblies automotive connectors and custom stampings • we use manufacturing methods such as over moulding braiding welding • we use state of the art equipment and run a highly approved and managed production facility • we offer you the solution to your wiring requirements no matter the application so why not give us a call we are confident we can offer you the complete solution your application requires +421 43 583 23 11 +52 1 222 577 1138 44 1986 891 516 +49 172 70 51 237 +86 1391 8080

quality our integrated management systems include a formal quality and environmental program that meets international standards organization‘s requirements of iso ts 16949:2009 iso 9001:2008 and iso 14001:2004 the zero fault principle is one of our company’s most important goals and we aim to get there with the help of six sigma methods our commitment to high quality is not limited to products but applies to all processes – even in administrative areas klauke assembly solutions promotes policies dedicated to the economic use of materials and energy resources we maintain a safe work environment for our employees and community we actively demonstrate a responsible attitude toward the use of natural resources to benefit employees business partners and the environment our production of cable harnesses and assemblies is certificated according to ul wiring harnesses standard

slovakia nábrežie oravy 2711 026 01 dolný kubín tel +421 43 583 23 11 fax +421 43 583 23 19 e-mail mexico ave washington 3701 building 35 parque industrial las americas chihuahua chih 31114 tel +52 1 222 577 1138 e-mail germany oberdreisbach 35 53804 much tel +49 172 70 51 237 e-mail united kingdom hilside road east bungay suffolk nr35 1 jx tel +44 1986 89 15 16 e-mail china room 201 no.455 fushan road pudong 200122 shanghai tel +86 1391 8080 321 e-mail