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www.klauke.com techn the first electromechanical crimping tool with powersense technology manual pre-clamping motorized crimping

fast light efficient – the way you crimp today whether you want high speed low weight or efficient drive technology the klauke micro combines the benefits of manual crimping tools with the convenience of battery-powered hydraulic tools in just one device thanks to its compact design it is ideal for jobs where connecting material has to be crimped quickly and in a high volume on the one hand and also wherever a handy mobile tool is required e.g for switch cabinet construction and numerous other installation applications in trade and industry the klauke micro is the ideal solution for those who want both – maximum efficiency and optimum ease of use very easy handling thanks to powersense technology automatic retraction when operation is complete interchangeable klauke 50-series crimping dies for all common applications up to 50 mm² electronic control with blocking function and motor stall protection high speed crimping time 1.5 sec ergonomic two-component housing in

the crimping innovation from klauke the revolutionary powersense technology what makes the klauke micro so unique is its innovative operating concept with powersense function the pre-clamping is done manually with the accustomed precision and speed of a mechanical crimping tool the crimping process as such is fully automatic using the power of the integrated motor a real crimping innovation in the cross-sectional range up to 50 mm² powersense technology 1 manual pre-clamping clamp operating the lever closes the crimping jaws without any exertion on the part of the user and fixes the connecting material in this “pre-clamped” state it is still possible to adjust the position and the alignment 2 motorized crimping crimp further actuation or “pulling back” the lever starts the crimping process fully automatically using the power of the integrated motor … and done the retraction to the starting position is also fully automatic during the entire crimping

easy on the nerves – in the truest sense frequent manual crimping eventually leads to an overstraining in the wrist and under arm region u p to 20 kg force manual ing crimp motorised crimping with innovative powersense function ensures optimised efficiency with less straining and minimum risk to health an l es s t h 2 kg force manual ing

the crimping innovation from klauke „an investment that pays off“ the enormous relief to nerves and muscles thanks to the powersense function pays off especially when you consider the potential costs of employee absence e.g due to carpal tunnel syndrome • less overload phenomena • fewer absences and schedule delays • greater planning reliability for all sick leave is expensive investing in the right tool quickly pays off € 5 e 3y ars m an anty ded arr en w ex t klauke micro purchase costs ufacture r working days 10 Ø costs for the absence of an employee even more planning reliability for you benefit of extended warranty at tool registration http

micro compact and convenient versatile for comfortable crimping of cable connections cable end-sleeves and cable lugs balanced and drop-proof thanks to key ring for use with balancer or for securing in field work led light to illuminate working area smart and powerful with multi-function led for maintenance control and data transfer as well as a powerful lithium-ion battery with charge level indicator innovative single-lever control for all tool

the crimping innovation from klauke technical data article crimping force 15 kn max electromechanical crimping tool 0.14 50 mm² crimping range 0.14 50 mm² scope of supply crimping time 1.5 sec depending on connecting material battery 10.8 v 1.5 ah li-ion 16.2 wh raml1 number of crimps per battery charge approx 300 at 10 mm² cu din 46234 charger for 10.8 v li-ion batteries 230 v lgml1 battery voltage 10.8 v crimping die for insulated connectors 0.5 6 mm² is5071 battery capacity 1.5 ah li-ion charging time approx 40 min weight incl battery 0.96 kg environmental temperature -10 °c up to +40 °c suitable for accessories usb adapter pga1 variants electromechanical crimping tool 0.14 50 mm² with ram l1 battery excl charger crimping die plastic case ek50ml-l l-boxx with electromechanical crimping tool ek 50 ml 0.14 50 mm² and extensive additional equipment lboxxek50ml connecting material crimping range tubular cable lugs and connectors – cu standard

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