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Catalog Safety cutting tools 2017

battery powered hydraulic pump power tool lithium ion battery hydraulic cable cutter hydraulic hose cutter hydraulic foot pumps hydraulic quick coupling 700 bar hydraulic hose remote control hydraulics ssg ah 630

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Featured catalog pages of Safety cutting tools 2017 cut on the side of caution safety cutter from klauke power cables to max 120 mm Ø with test certificate to 60 kv appro trade ved by the asso ciate

relaxed operation – even under voltage with safety cutting tools from klauke all-round safety with each operation the assg safety cutting system from klauke approved by the trade associates is able to safely cut live cu/al cables with a rated voltage of up to 60 kv even if a fault occurs the cutting process is carried out using two powerful and durable 5 ah lithium-ion rechargeable batteries the remote control ensures increased comfort and optimised control during the cutting operation the quick coupling located on the assg pump allows various cutting heads to be quickly and simply connected to the premounted hydraulic hose 10 m hydraulic safety hose cutting head with 360° rotating connection klauke safety cutter technical data ssk65 max 65 mm ø sskg85 max 85 mm ø ssk105 max 105 mm ø sskg105 max 105 mm ø ssk120s max 120 mm ø ssg – foot pump    essg – battery-powered hydraulics  

sturdy housing from impact-resistant fibreglass reinforced polyamide two powerful 5 ah 18 v lithium-ion batteries clearly arranged pressure display earthing rod connection rotates through 360° battery-powered pump filled with non-conductive oil remote control for increased comfort and safety ssg105 ssg hydraulic safety cutter with foot pump essg105l essg battery-powered hydraulic safety

safety cutter technical data item item no battery voltage 18 v battery-powered hydraulic safety cutter max Ø 65 mm assg65l battery capacity 2 x 5 ah li-ion battery-powered hydraulic safety cutter max Ø 85 mm assgg85l weight incl battery with two batteries approx 6.4 kg battery-powered hydraulic safety cutter max Ø 105 mm assg105l operating temperature -20°c up to +40°c battery-powered hydraulic safety cutter max Ø 105 mm assgg105l operating pressure max 630 bar battery-powered hydraulic safety cutter max Ø 120 mm assg120sl max oil volume approx 750 ml hydraulic oil shell naturelle hf-e 15 scope of supply item no quantity dimensions lxwxh 330 x 160 x 280 mm battery 18 v 5 ah li-ion 90 wh ral4 2 fast charger for 18 v li-ion batteries lgl1 1 earthing kit eg1 1 carrying strap with shoulder padding tg3 1 remote control with 1.5 m cable hta4 1 strong brands for your success gustav klauke gmbh auf dem knapp 46 d-42855 remscheid phone +49 0 2191 907