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look at the flowing roofline for instance the it was important to give the car a timeless and large beautifully curved windscreen and the short unique shape while at the same time ensuring eccentric rear every design element is inspired a futuristic stance and aggressive attitude the by nature and by the functional beauty of animals lines and surfaces appear elegant and slippery the body is designed for perfect aerodynamics shouting in a clear universal language ”i travel low weight and accessibility when the front and at extreme speeds!” – even when stationary rear hoods are lifted the entire chassis lies the body has a class leading aerodynamic open for easy inspection and maintenance design with a cd value of 0.297 at the sides this has been accomplished without compro two large air inlet ducts feed the engine with mising the general ichthyomorphic design phi cooling air as well as improve downforce and losophy of the koenigsegg esthetics stability at high speeds

the design of the seats combines comfortable everyday driving with excellent racing performance ergonomic engineers designed the carbonfibre seat shells and lined them with cushions made of the material tempur developed by nasa this material conforms to the body resulting in ultimate seat comfort they are adjustable in almost all directions to offer a perfect driving position all surfaces in the cockpit are devoid of unnecessary obstructions positioned on the steering column is a cluster which includes tachometer lcd display and tell-tales typical for the koenigsegg is the large circular centre control the most frequently used controls such as safety button starter button light switches window regulators wing mirror adjustments etc are positioned here buttons and knobs for climate control traction hazard and ride height are positioned above and below the centre

whether crossing continents or clipping apexes on the racetrack the skilfully balanced handling and detailed feedback of the koenigsegg’s racebred suspension will definitely be appreciated of inertia and quick reaction to direction changes the large but lightweight magnesium alloy wheels shod with michelin high performance tyres developed according to latest technology provide large friction areas the lateral g-forces in a koenigsegg can be as high as 1.3 g and this also contributes driving is not just a question of accelerating and braking to be able to access the fantastic performance to safe handling at high cornering speeds the unsprung weight is kept to a minimum to potential the road holding has been honed to per gain perfect contact between tyre and road fection during many hours of test driving under hard therefore the rims are made of magnesium alloy conditions on both road and track this great hand and the a-arms are of lightweight chrome molyb ling to a large extent

the monocoque is handmade and consists of chrome molyb 21 layers of carbon fibre with honeycomb in denum steel between thanks to the use of carbon fibre tubes and contains the weight of the chassis module is only 62 kg the power steering components 136 lb and the torsional stiffness is 28.100 wheel suspension unit shock absorbers nm/degree the monocoque gives the driver with hydraulic lifting system etc and passenger excellent protection and provides a subframe is also bolted to the rear of the greater rigidity than any competitor which is chassis module this unit includes the entire important for the car’s handling qualities drivetrain which is assembled separately its it also incorporates four fuel tanks two main parts are two large milled aluminium behind the seats and one tank on each side of alloy brackets which support the wishbones the tub this gives a perfect weight distribution and gearbox the brackets are held in place by and a low polar moment of inertia which also

the air intake system the exhaust system is made of stainless steel incorporates a large titanium on model ccr and incorporates equal centrifugal supercharger length tube headers which merge to collectors it is connected to a integrated precat laminar flow merge to collectors custom-built intercooler effectively assisting the main metal catalytic con which lowers the charged verters in reducing emissions to certifiable levels intake air temperature model ccr has a specially developed swedish from 150°c to 50°c lysholm double-screw compressor which takes a specially manufactured the engine’s power output to the extreme peak dry-sump engine lubri value of 806 hp at 6.900 rpm the torque curve cation system enables a also shows high values over a broad revolution low frame position and subsequently a very low band with a peak value of 920 nm centre of gravity a unique koenigsegg engineered 678 ftlb at 5.700 rpm oil spray device provides efficient cooling for the pistons thus

think it is correct strategy not to make the abs too – my overall impression of the cc is that the car intrusive yet still allow the driver braking control deserves recognition as one of the most competent instead of letting the abs take over too early road cars ever produced – the steering is well balanced for my liking with a fantastic center point with no lash the engine’s power is smooth and safe especially considering the very high power output competitor resulting in a feeling that the car is sucked to the ground even when driving over bumpy surfaces – i have spent a lot of time optimizing the comfort of this thoroughbred the suspension is not only compliant and supple but also firm during cornering acceleration and braking to me it is an excellent design compromise even potholes will not upset the car – the abs system is very much on the sporty side it locks with some slip through the whole process making it very efficient for a supercar i

– we are here because we are genuine – we are here because we believe – we are here because we want to deliver something more unique to you – something more than money can buy – something more precious that goes beyond the value of its parts – something faster stronger lighter more perfect and refined – something like the koenigsegg cc

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