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evolution exceeded koenigsegg ccx is pure design on four wheels it exudes class style and aggression and it’s probably the best overall performer ever to come off a production line it travels from a standing start to 100 km/h in a devastating adrenaline-draining 3.2 seconds and has a top speed of over 395 km/h driving a ccx is about controlling your instincts sharpening your reflexes and commanding respect from the head turning crowd as this beautiful beast roars past ccx stands for competition coupe 10 it’s the celebration of 10 years of koenigsegg supercars hot tempered at 395 km/h that have been without equal since their first conception back in 1996 koenigsegg ccx isn’t just a supercar it’s a norse spirit of thunder harnessing raw

unbridled there is not a car on earth that provokes the same reaction as the ccx it has a pure scandinavian style and a raw beauty all of its own christian koenigsegg sculpted the sleek external skin using a unique aerodynamic ichtemorphic design philosophy guaranteed to turn people’s heads it’s just as exciting to look at as it is to drive using a blend of organic timeless styling and performance demanding details the ccx beauty in the beast achieves a unique mix of beauty and

a perfect fit the ccx is one of the most spacious supercars on the market affording optimal comfort to the driver when behind the wheel however there’s no compromise on the supercar feel the cars highest point is only 1120 mm above the tarmac seating comfort is guaranteed ergonomic engineers designed the bespoke carbon fibre seats which feature performance cushions and tilting backrests for utmost comfort and adjustability the seat forms itself around the body providing the perfect driving position and fulfilling its objective to combine racing performance with comfortable everyday driving thunder along at top speed or enjoy the night ride the shock wave in surprising comfort air with the ccx it’s your choice the roof is easily detached and stowed in the front luggage bay so you can delight in the alfresco feel of a cabriolet sportscar or easily transform the ccx back into a sleek

the heart in the right place the ccx is powered by a unique koenigsegg custom-built engine semistructural and placed in the centre of the car for perfect balance and handling the 4.7 litre twin supercharged v8 engine generates a staggering 806 bhp at 6.900 rpm the new block is made from super-lightweight 356 aluminium that is t7 heat treated the engine incorporates the most powerful internal piston coolers in the industry – bringing down the piston temperature by as much as 40 compared to rival engines and together with the uniquely contoured combustion chamber enabling core power it to run high cylinder pressure with 91 octane fuel the ccx has obd ii diagnostics and complies with the strictest emission regulations in the

for the record the ccx has proved itself time and time again breaking record after record it has been tried and tested by some of the world’s most demanding motor critics on racetracks and on public roads it has demonstrated that it longs to be driven on the track and at the same time can consume back roads and rolling country lanes effortlessly and comfortably like no other supercar the ccx has reigned supreme on some of the world’s toughest circuits nürburgring – speed record top gear – speed record breathtaking force that only nature can surpass nardo – speed record sport auto – slalom record sport auto – 0–300–0 km/h record sport auto – 0–200–0 km/h record sport auto – 0–200 km/h record sport auto – hockenheim speed record its predecessor the ccr held the guinness record as the world’s fastest production

the ultimate limited edition the ccx edition and ccxr edition  the koenigsegg edition has been created to break records our aim with the edition is to deliver superior performance on the track in a straight line and on country roads and to do so in style and comfort according to our comparative studies no other supercar can match the edition in terms of powerto-weight ratio aerodynamic balance down force and chassis stiffness at the same time the edition maintains the ccx’s fantastic drivability and its ability to absorb uneven road surfaces like no other supercar both models are fitted with a remapped 4.8 litre twin-supercharged koenigsegg engine and have been track-tuned by the inclusion of modified shock absorbers stiffer springs and anti-roll bars reset dampers and a lowered chassis aluminium trim and redesigned koenigsegg chronocluster and centre console combine with our unique forged aluminium wheel design to confirm the edition’s exclusive status standing

intelligent power not only do our cars produce massive amounts of power but they also produce what we at koenigsegg call intelligent power no other production car on earth has the same power to fuel consumption average that a koenigsegg achieves we harness the energy in the fuel in a more careful way then any other car supercar or not koenigsegg cars also create more power per litre of engine capacity than any other production car in the world thanks to the intelligent design that lies within our engines in addition to intelligent power this a koenigsegg has a more optimal power to weight ratio compared to all other homologated cars and even meets the strict emission levels of california

koenigsegg spirit of performance said and done 1995 – christian koenigsegg starts development the koenigsegg`s most impressive aspects is its “the ccx is a sensationally quick car” of the first koenigsegg supercar dynamics its marvelously organic and commu ­— evo magazine 1996 – the first cc prototype ready for test drive 1997 – the first koenigsegg concept car makes an eye-opening debut in cannes 2000 – cc8s makes its debut at the paris motor show in march and receives world-wide acclaim 2002 – first koenigsegg models produced and nicative handling and beautifully weighted and “even with a third of the power to spare open tactile steering” — evo magazine “ for such a light car the koenigsegg has a sat “what the car shows in performance seems to be from another world” — evo magazine ­— sport auto “the acceleration of the koenigsegg is unreal.” 2004 –

designed and manufactured by passionate artisans koenigsegg always looks for unique solutions in your heart is racing before the doors open order to produce better products the doors are designed to take up a minimum of space when opened the unique dihedral synchrohelix door system allows access without being dependent on extra side

tried and tested ultimate safety and service the cars in the current koenigsegg range each koenigsegg car is precision hand-built have inherited all the proven solutions by the world’s best automotive craftsmen from the cc8s and ccr models with rigorous testing means nothing is left to added lessons learned together with fresh chance before the car is delivered our new thinking centres and all service personnel have from the minute our first prototypes roll undergone thorough training to ensure that off the line they have been able to prove cars are kept in top condition their capabilities and strengths on tracks with professional drivers to the limit the result is the perfect combination of tested to perfection sales network includes trained service a supercar that loves to be driven hard at the racetrack as much as it enjoys soaring through your favourite back roads a lot of work has gone into to making our cars handle any kind of road which is why koenigseggs can be driven

koenigsegg has inherited the “spirit of performance” symbol skilled mechanics and electricians and the fighter jet squadron facility that’s now the state of the art koenigsegg factory the squadrons motto was “the show must go on” by building hi-tech carbon fibre supercars that are tested on the fighter jet runways outside the factory we truly believe that our supercars are worthy successors to the swedish built gripen gen 4 fighters that once occupied our facilities the spirit photography ian kuah james holm Þorvaldur Örn kristmundsson jeffery richt matt davis claes axstål studio ekvall stuart collins