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agera koenigsegg celebrate 15 years of creating supercars by presenting the agera agera is the swedish verb “to act” and has been chosen as the name for koenigsegg´s latest super creation as it symbolizes what we at koenigsegg do and how we expect our cars to perform to act accordingly agera is also short for the greek word ageratos which in ancient greek means “ageless” koenigsegg is always striving forward seeking challenges beyond limitations the new supercar agera is an outcome of that creative process and its functions respond very well to the given name the focus when developing the agera was to maximize driving experience cornering speed braking and adaptability the agera features the latest in braking technology incorporating an adjustable abs system 392x36 and 380x34 ventilated and drilled ceramic discs for unparalleled braking performance and zero fade regardless of track or road on r 1000 nm of torque available from 2680 to 6100 rpm the new

“the last time i experienced power like this i was strapped into alonso´s f1 machine ” car magazine stead fast at any speed ultimate performance at koenigsegg we are only satisfied if we reach ultimate performance we want our cars to be outstanding in all areas important to us they travel from a standing start to 100 km/h in just over 3 seconds and they have top speed of up to 400 km/h and possibly beyond driving a koenigsegg is about controlling your instincts sharpening your reflexes and commanding respect from the head turning crowd as the beautiful beast roars

“for such a light car the koenigsegg has a satisfyingly weighty feel through the steering but also in the way its planted on the road.” evo magazine full control koenigsegg cars are ultimate driving machines they are stiffer faster and more responsive than any other cars known to us the chassis are built from extremely lightweight carbon fibre composite reinforced with kevlar and aluminium honeycomb for even greater performance the race-bred koenigsegg advanced control system kacs keeps the driver in total control of every movement even under the toughest racing or road conditions a koenigsegg can be adjusted to suit every individual driving style from the adrenalin rush of the racetrack to comfort settings for your long-haul tour example of koenigsegg clear

seating comfort is guaranteed ergonomic engineers designed the bespoke carbon fibre seats which feature performance cushions and tilting backrests for utmost comfort and adjustability the seat forms itself around the body providing the perfect driving position and fulfilling its objective to combine racing performance with comfortable everyday driving a perfect fit a koenigsegg is one of the most spacious supercars on the market affording optimal comfort to the driver when behind the wheel however there’s no compromise on the supercar feel the cars highest point is only 1120 mm above the ground thunder along at top speed or enjoy the night air with a koenigsegg it’s your choice the roof is easily detached and stowed in the front luggage bay so you can delight in the alfresco feel of a cabriolet sportscar or easily transform the koenigsegg back into a sleek supercar “the helmet visor-like windscreen gives an undisturbed panoramic view ahead.” car

core power the heart in the right place all koenigsegg cars are powered by dedicated koenigsegg custom-built engines it takes about 10 days to assemble an koenigsegg engine from the ground up in our engine assembly hall all engines are then run on our high end engine testbench and later in our in house chassi dynamometer for final in car verification the engine is semistructural and placed in the centre of the car for perfect balance and handling the twin supercharged or twin turbo v8 engine generates a staggering levels of power from 806 bhp to over 1018 in full e100 trim all koenigsegg engines have obd ii diagnostics and complies with the strictest emission regulations in the world “the unusually crisp sounding engine dominates the scene with the same authority as a jet engine.” sport

for the record koenigsegg has proved itself time and time again breaking record after record our cars have been tried and tested by some of the world’s most demanding motor critics on racetracks and on public roads our cars have demostrated that they like to be driven on the track and at the same time can consume back roads and rolling country lanes effortlessly and comfortably like no other supercar our cars have reigned supreme on some of the world’s toughest circuits top gear – lap record nardo – speed record sport auto – slalom record sport auto – 0–300–0 km/h record sport auto – 0–200 km/h record sport auto – hockenheim speed record guinness book of records the world’s fastest production car guinness book of records the most powerful car engine in the world “with a racecar like 1.8kg/hp the swedish ccx stays well ahead of the game.” sport

rigid chassis with flexible solutions custom vision while retaining its unique exterior style and performance every koenigsegg car is hand-made to your exact specifications only the best materials available are used and no expense is spared in creating the perfect car to suit your requirements koenigsegg cars come with a vast array of standard and optional equipment interior finishes and colours to match your personal taste guaranteeing you uncompromising individuality our cars are about you your personality preferences and achievements choose state-of-the-art music systems carbon wheels a rear-view camera or colours and trim that reflect your true personality you’ll have to pack your own parachute however “the massive grip generated by the chassis instills instant confidence.”

“the acceleration of the koenigsegg is unreal.” tested to perfection tried and tested the cars in the current koenigsegg range have inherited all the proven solutions from previous models with added lessons learned together with fresh new thinking from the minute our first prototypes roll off the line they have been able to prove their capabilities and strengths on tracks with professional drivers to the limit the result is the perfect combination of a supercar that loves to be driven hard at the racetrack as much as it enjoys soaring through your favourite back roads a great focus has gone into to making our cars handle which is why koenigsegg cars can be driven hard on almost any kind of road – even the rougher ones – with great poise ultimate safety and service each koenigsegg car is precision hand-built by the world’s best automotive craftsmen rigorous testing means nothing is left to chance before the car is delivered our sales network includes

the spirit koenigsegg has inherited the “spirit of performance” symbol skilled mechanics and electricians and the fighter jet squadron facility that’s now the state of the art koenigsegg factory the squadrons motto was “the show must go on” by building hi-tech carbon fibre supercars that are tested on the fighter jet runways outside the factory we truly believe that our supercars are worthy successors to the swedish built gripen gen 4 fighters that once occupied our facilities photography ian kuah james holm Þorvaldur Örn kristmundsson jeffery richt matt davis claes axstål studio ekvall max alm-norell top dollar