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“the power output is comparable to that of a nuclear powerplant” teknikens värld a highly sophisticated machine genetically dissimilar from the rest of the automotive world the agera truly stands out patents and countless bespoke programs methods and technologies protect it as a unique masterpiece in a world of cross pollination between vehicle manufacturers koenigsegg’s engineers rebel by developing the agera’s systems internally to preserve technological integrity and superiority from the bespoke 1,140 hp powerplant to the world’s quickest electronic differential each component is designed and qualified in Ängelholm

“even an acceleration from 250 km/h feels like you are being catapulted off the deck of an aircraft carrier” prestige cars two cars in one the stiffest production car chassis on the planet allows the agera to be versatile without compromise its one-piece carbon fiber roof quickly stows under the bonnet to reveal a roadster no other hypercar can carry its hardtop while driven in roadster form this capability truly makes the agera unique and

powertrain koenigsegg is the only limited volume manufacturer to develop its powertrain in-house the agera’s heart is a bi-turbo dohc 8 cylinder engine producing over one thousand one hundred horsepower a symphony of innovative technology transfers the tremendous power to the road yielding the world’s fastest accelerating production car the agera r’s colossal 1,140 horsepower and earth moving 1200 nm 855 lb-ft of torque launch it to 60 mph in a mere 2.8 seconds 0 200 mph takes 17.68 seconds and 0 – 300 km/h a mere 14.53 seconds both are world records contrary to common sense no other production engine in the world offers the same power compared to emissions or fuel consumption koenigsegg’s highly qualified engineering team relentlessly developed the agera’s engine for power drivability and longevity each engine is hand assembled in Ängelholm by a master engine builder to ensure exact tolerances and unprecedented quality the agera engine

6 new koenigsegg world records on the 2nd of september 2011 at 12.08 pm the koenigsegg agera r took several new guinness world record for production cars at the koenigsegg proving ground in Ängelholm sweden all data was measured and collected by a third party the records truly show the agera r´s phenomenal stability acceleration and braking performance and that its performance is in a league of its own 0-300 km/h 14.53 sec 0-200 mph 17.68 sec 300-0 km/h 6.66 sec 200-0 mph 7.28 sec 0-300-0 km/h 21.19 sec 0-200-0 mph 24.96 sec “in a span of just 24.96 seconds you can hit 200-mph and comeback down to zero astonishing!”

photo pieter kiveron “the agera is the most exciting supercar on earth bar none” top gear the koenigsegg crest design is based on the koenigsegg family coat of arms from the 12th

“the agera r´s interior is spacious and the quality feel is tremendous” teknikens värld seats the agera’s stylish carbon adjustable seats strike the perfect balance between comfort and support the aniline leather and sporty alcantara inserts feature elongated diamond stitching with the koenigsegg crest adorning the head rest a lightweight rigid carbon fiber shell supports our specifically engineered ergonomic foam this provides plush comfort for long trips as well as exceptional lateral support against the 1.6g’s that the agera is capable of generating the agera r comes with standard seat belts and removable 4-point racing

“an holistic approach has helped koenigsegg to create one of the finest cars in the world” motortrend ghost light another unique feature of the agera is the koenigsegg ghost light the ghost light is a world´s first in the car industry the led illumination shines through the billet aluminum buttons and surfaces out of nowhere by way of almost invisible micro holes it creates excellent visibility of the symbols as well as being very clean and stylish it´s all framed by an all new carbon fibre centre console and tunnel

uprights the extremely strong and light uprights are machined from 7075-t6 aeronautical grade aluminum normally only found on le mans prototype cars the 240 mm skf dual angle contact bearings add to the wheel assembly’s stiffness providing better control handling and comfort the uprights also incorporate large 4.5″ diameter carbon fibre brake cooling ducts to maximize brake cooling brakes the agera is the fastest stopping hypercar in existence it is equipped with the absolute latest abs and stabality control technology that reacts differently depending on performance mode the massive 392×38 mm and 380×34 mm ventilated and drilled ceramic discs and billet aluminum 6 piston front/4 piston rear calipers provide world record braking performance and zero fade regardless of track or road condition the agera stops from 200 mph in a world record time of only 7.28

“absolute magic devastatingly fast” automobil the r package all the features and functionality of the agera with a few more unique solutions to push the performance even further engine upgrade in 2007 koenigsegg introduced the bio fuel ccxr and became the first sports car manufacturer to move towards green technology the agera r engine utilizes koenigsegg’s latest generation of bio fuel engine management system while generating 1140 hp and 1200 nm of torque on e85 and e100 bio fuel it also runs on 95 octane pump gas to produce 960 hp and 1100 nm of torque the agera r is truly flex fuel triplex rear suspension koenigsegg has invented a new type of rear suspension system for a road car called the triplex rear suspension it utilizes a shock absorber and spring to link the rear wheels allowing the rear wheels to influence one another this results in increased comfort and better handling on rough and wet surfaces without compromising dry track handling furthermore the

specifications agera s performance power output 1030 hp at 7100 rpm redline 7500 rpm torque over 1000 nm from 2700 to 6170 rpm max torque 1100 nm at 4100 rpm acceleration 0-100 km/h 0-62 mph 2.9 sec 0-200 km/h 7,8 sec 0-200-0 km/h 12.6 sec 0-300-0 km/h 22,5 sec braking distance 30.5m 100-0 km/h lateral g-force 1.6 g fuel consumption highway travel 12,5 l/100km combined 14,7/100km weight-to-power ratio 1.24 kg/hp dry weight weight distribution 44 front 56 rear emission levels euro v and lev 2 aerodynamics cd 0,33 to 0,37 with adaptable rear wings frontal area 1.873 m2 total downforce at 250 km/h 300 kg flat underside of chassis venturi tunnels at rear of chassis/body dimensions total length 4293 mm 169” total width 1996 mm 78.6” total height 1120 mm 44.1” ground clearance rear 100 mm 3.94” front 100 mm 3.94” wheelbase 2662 mm front track 1700 mm rear track 1650 mm front overhang 885mm rear overhang 752mm fuel capacity 80 litres luggage compartment 120

visit our web site and try the koenigsegg agera r car configurator there you can try any combination of colors and lines you want for authentisity the environment is the koenigsegg proving grounds in Ängelhom sweden it also generates a personalized pdf at your convenience koenigsegg automotive ab 262 74 Ängelholm sweden phone +46 0 431 45 44 60 fax +46 0 431 45 44 61 sales@koenigsegg.com