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setting the world in motion – for more than half a century ktr is a driving force – a role it has played for more than 50 years over this time we have developed and produced high-grade power transmission technology braking and cooling systems and hydraulic components for all industrial applications as an innovative partner well known for providing a reliable service it goes without saying that we are also experts when it comes to finding cost-effective and durable power transmission systems for agricultural and construction machinery we are extremely proud of our company’s origins too in 1959 our engineers found an intelligent way to improve the tried-and-tested curved-tooth gear coupling by combining the design with plastic as a material since then the maintenance-free bowex® coupling has been an integral feature of power transmission systems around the world and the flange version is currently used in countless agricultural and construction machines the

used in construction – with no destruction couplings for construction machines are real grafters – they have to perform difficult tasks under the toughest conditions at the same time they need to be versatile flexible and maintenance-free to save time and money it’s quite a lot to wish for and yet couplings from ktr go even further they also help ensure a long service life for the entire power transmission system and increase operator comfort to boot from digging loading and transporting  diesel engines are used on every construction site around the world however unlike electric motors even the latest top-of-the-range diesel engines are rather unsophisticated and present special requirements for every coupling for instance the connection between the diesel engine and the hydraulic pump has to compensate for misalignments while also absorbing torsional vibrations an example that proves how well our couplings can work is the highly flexible bowex-elastic®

a wide field of possible applications agricultural machinery and the fields cultivated by farmers share something in common they are both relied upon to provide a healthy yield this means that equipment and attachments have to be increasingly powerful and cost-effective yet require less maintenance components from ktr offer reliable assistance when it comes to mastering this balancing act 8 more flexibility less wear wind weather sand dust dirt vibrations and shocks – agricultural machines and thus each of their components must face many challenges for that reason ktr offers a comprehensive range of couplings that perform their job come what may even in extremely poor environmental conditions they are easy to install non-wearing and maintenancefree furthermore our couplings also stand out for low mass moments of inertia and a high power density once fitted these flexible couplings reliably compensate for shaft misalignments resulting from installation as well as thermal

ready for every application agricultural work without limits there are many areas where savings can be made but performance is not one of them thanks to the use of light highstrength metals and reinforced plastic ktr couplings offer savings in weight that benefit the entire system the highquality hub materials allow the complete range of rotex® elastomers to be used including new materials with extreme temperature resistance and enhanced wear resistance no matter what the area of application simply let us know your requirements and we will produce the right coupling all over the world couplings from ktr demonstrate that they are in their element performing agricultural tasks wherever farmers are busy reaping cutting planting harvesting or ploughing typical applications include self-propelled agricultural machines such as combine harvesters field choppers field mowers potato and carrot harvesters grape harvesters tree felling equipment and wood chopping machines as well as

bowex® fle-pac couplings bowex-elastic® couplings for greater demands a positive connection between diesel engines and hydraulic pumps coping with power transmission systems that are vulnerable to torsional vibrations the answer is flexible torque transmission when connecting diesel engines to pump transfer gears generators compressors feed pumps highpressure pumps and the like increasingly people expect hydrostatic power transmission systems in construction and agricultural machinery to provide a longer service life and greater operational flexibility the new bowex® fle-pac coupling meets both requirements with a single flange this is indicated by the c in the product name which stands for ‘carbon’ – a material we have added to strengthen the polyamide flange this combination of materials enhances power transmission performance while considerably extending the component’s life­ span in addition to a longer service life the bowex® fle-pac

a safe choice – the right choice couplings may be small but there are always major consequences if they don’t work correctly a coupling of the wrong design in the main drive system could result in the early failure of the coupling or another power transmission component disabling the entire system that is why you should come to us for advice if you prefer we can assist you from the outset even during the planning phase of a project you can rest assured that every ktr coupling that leaves our company to be mounted on an internal combustion engine is subject to exacting criteria in terms of the proper vibration control within the power transmission system to ensure that we can guarantee the safe and long-lasting use of our components all ktr couplings are developed using our special fem calculation programs and a careful vibration analysis naturally this applies to both our comprehensive standard range and the large number of custombuilt models we produce each year

the mmc combined cooler – in its element when dealing with heat when you work hard you also have to cool down regularly of course the same is true for any agricultural and construction machinery kept in motion by couplings from ktr – and components from ktr ensure things stay cool take the mmc combined cooler for example which has proven itself under the toughest conditions in three ways as a water cooler it takes care of cooling water while as an oil cooler it prevents hydraulic and gear oil from getting too hot and as an intercooler it ensures that combustion air is the right temperature and because ktr likes to go one step further it can also be used very efficiently as a fuel cooler if necessary one cooler – many advantages the mmc combined cooler offers many advantages it is compact powerful durable and reliable all of this ultimately pays off for you because the unit offers more installation options longer operating times and greater efficiency this makes it

product overview for off-highway machinery product construction machinery rotex® poly-norm® revolex® kx-d bowex® hydraulic excavators wheel loaders telescopic handlers compactors paver finishers road cutters • • • • forklift trucks diesel generators mobile compressors dewatering pumps agricultural ­machinery field choppers feed mixer wagons forestry equipment farm loaders combine harvesters crop protection sprayers carrot harvesters stump grinders telescopic handlers grape harvesters balers biogas systems slope maintenance equipment drillers bulk fertiliser spreaders wood splitters potato harvesters mowers and slitting rollers mulchers swath rakes 16 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

bowexelastic® • • • • • • • • • • bowex® fle-pa monolastic® fle-pac • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ruflex® ktr-stop® • • • • • • clampex® • • mmc combined cooler • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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