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providing the right connections for over 50 years creatively ensuring your success teamwork from the outset ktr is always one step ahead in keeping things moving as a result today we are a leading manufacturer of highquality drive technology braking systems cooling systems and hydraulic components if you are looking for a partner to provide reliable durable drives for your machine tools and automation technology we are at your service if you wish we will even come and advise you at your premises we offer quality long before the product is even delivered if you wish our sales staff and application engineers will assist you right from the early planning stage of your project simply call us with just one click you can find all the necessary product information plus a cad library installation instructions and much more at it all began with a pioneering combination in 1959 when our engineers merged plastic and steel for the first time revolutionising the time-tested curved

combining opposites speed and precision flexibility and reliability high performance and cost-effectiveness these are all conflicting characteristics that need to be provided with utmost reliability whenever it is essential to meet such differing requirements two things are clear firstly we are talking about the automation sector secondly you need ktr couplings and brakes as these components are as varied as their areas of use

positioning technology main spindles one thing is crucial for positioning drives in machine tools and linear axles in automation it is important that optimum dynamics and precise movement are able to coexist choosing the right coupling is essential in such systems since it affects how the whole system behaves ktr offers you different backlash-free coupling models such as jaw lamina and bellow-type couplings furthermore all servo couplings can also be combined with the very lightweight backlashfree safety clutch syntex®-nc being a variable component the rotex® gs also provides a reliable driving force for main spindles with tension ring hubs suitable for peripheral speeds up to 50 m/s if speed is of the essence the rotex® gs p is ideal for delivering driving force specially developed for short drilling spindles this component is truly in its element at peripheral speeds of 80 m/s or more if high torsional rigidity is also required the radex®-nc or the toolflex® is the

problem-free automation whether you are looking for a specialist coupling or an allrounder such as the versatile rotex® gs you will find the right component for any requirement at ktr if we happen not to offer what you need we see it as a welcome challenge to develop a coupling tailored precisely to your needs the rotex® gs is a backlash-free jaw coupling allowing movement in positioning engineering and main spindle drives although it features vibration-damping qualities it is still sufficiently torsion-proof to ensure that accuracy is not diminished even in highly dynamic servo drives the rotex® gs is also available in a tension ring version for high friction coefficients and revolution speeds the radex®-nc functions as a backlash-free lamina coupling specially developed for servo technology its stainless spring steel laminae ensure that it is extremely torsionally rigid yet elastic when it bends while aluminium hubs deliver a low mass moment of inertia in its

systematic drive with ktr components when you need systems to run smoothly all the individual parts must fit together perfectly that is why ktr not only supplies couplings which reliably drive your machine tools but also optimally matched peripheral components such as brakes coolers and hydraulic components everything comes from a single source so that you have everything under control

product overview for automation and machine tools product machine tools rotex® positioning units rotex® gs toolflex® radex®-nc • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • overload protection linear braking and clamping systems • main spindle drives tool changers span conveyor belts hydraulic units coolant pumps • • • encoder drives robotik automation positioning units encoder drives overload protection drive technology rotary tables backlash-free gears lifting spindles 12

radex®-n countex® syntex® syntex®-nc ktr si compact ktr-stop® nc • • • • • hydraulic ­components oil tanks • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

overview of literature the ktr product portfolio is as varied as its areas of use whether you require the perfect power transmission system ­effective brakes space-saving cooling systems or precision hydraulics on land water or high in the air these catalogues and brochures offer an overview available at product catalogues individual sector brochures

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