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setting the world in motion for over 50 years whenever it comes to reliable power transmission ktr has a part to play – and not only in materials handling technology after all we have been involved in the development of drive components for mechanical and plant engineering for over 50 years today we are a leading manufacturer of highgrade power transmission technology braking and cooling systems and hydraulic components – an innovative partner for any company that wants to keep moving forward ktr started out with an extremely successful combination processing both plastic and steel in a single coupling as an industry first the result was the maintenance-free bowex® coupling a logical development of the tried-and-tested curved tooth coupling® since then ktr has built up an impressive product range that includes a variety of couplings and other power transmission component groups as well as braking systems however this does not prevent us from producing more than

conveying and transporting – with great experience

when you want to transport goods from a to b you need a partner who could do the job blindfolded a partner like ktr no matter whether you are operating a continuous conveyor an overhead crane a chain hoist or a palletising robot you will find the right power transmission systems at ktr for each of these conveying systems and many more even when it comes to shouldering heavy burdens you can still count on ktr one example is an opencast ore mine in sierra leone where the conveyor system transports no less than 3,500 tonnes of excavated material containing ore every hour using ktr components driving and protecting – with couplings from ktr when it comes to power transmission technology it is true that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link at ktr we go to great lengths to ensure that the weakest element does not come from our factory as a result ktr couplings for conveying technology lifting equipment and intra-logistics stand out for their especially high power density

ensuring the best transport does your job entail transporting bulk and general cargo perhaps warehousing distribution bottling and packing or maybe comfortable lifting and sensitive positioning at fast cycle speeds if so we’re a good match as our job is all about providing technically sophisticated couplings clamping sets and torque limiters for such activities the rotex® gs is also an axial plug-in component that is maintenancefree fail-safe and the same time backlash-free thanks to its high power density it reliably guarantees vibration-free power transmission on zero-play precision drives with low torque among other benefits our rotex® is an axial plug-in jaw coupling that is maintenance-free fail-safe and torsionally flexible often used in crane drives rotex® also compensates for shaft displacements and absorb vibrations the clampex® clamping sets allow infinitely variable positioning of belt drives with a frictional connection between the shaft and pulley they

protecting people and machinery even if things don’t run quite according to plan you can still count on ktr for instance an overload on the conveyor system causing backlogs congestion or collisions could be dangerous not only for the equipment in question but also for people in this instance a torque limiter can excel as a mechanical overload system once the defined torque is exceeded the power transmission is disconnected from the machine thus limiting any potential damages torque limiters the best solution for people and machinery – and much safer the ruflex sliding hub is used in robust drive systems with lower requirements in terms of response time and repeat accuracy for example it offers reliable overload protection at a torque of up to 6,800 nm in chain drives and v-belt pulleys ® the syntex® overload system protects drives with low to medium speeds and a torque of up to 400 nm – such as belt drives on packing machines this integrated solution is

equipment that is driven also has to be slowed down ktr always goes one step further as a leading provider in power transmission technology we have ventured to use our technical know-how to develop suitable braking systems for drives as a result we have not only revolutionised the hydraulic brake but also tripled the power spectrum of electromechanical brakes today we are one of only a few manufacturers worldwide that offer two different braking systems within its portfolio the hydraulically powered ktrstop® and the electromechanical emb-stop a selection by which you can only stand to benefit brakes with feeling intelliramp® first things first – if you use a brake from ktr you can rest assured that it will work with power and precision if you also want to control the manner of braking simply order our hydraulic and electromechanical brakes with intelliramp® this electronic control system combines power with fine regulation facilitating ramped and coordinated braking

product overview for materials handling technology product 12 rotex® rotex® gs revolex® kx-d high-bay warehouse technology • automatic small-parts warehouses • • belt conveyor drives • • transfer and shifting systems • storage lifts • cranes • hoisting equipment • unit load conveyors • • bulk material conveyors • • bucket conveyors • • worm conveyors • • floor conveyors • bowex® bowex® fle-pa bowex® fle-pac • • • • • • • • • • •

monolastic® poly-norm® radex®-n ruflex® clampex® ktr-stop® emb-stop • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

overview of literature the ktr product portfolio is as varied as its areas of use whether you require the perfect power transmission system ­effective brakes space-saving cooling systems or precision hydraulics on land water or high in the air these catalogues and brochures offer an overview available at product catalogues individual sector brochures

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