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wherever movement is needed we push on always a good connection ktr has been in the business of effective power transmission for over 50 years today we are a leading manufacturer of high-quality power transmission technology braking systems cooling systems and hydraulic components and a trustworthy partner for anyone wanting reliable and durable propulsion for their pumps and compressors ktr started in 1959 with one simple question can the established curved tooth coupling be developed further the answer was obvious the result revolutionary – the bowex® the maintenance-free coupling which combined nylon and steel for the first time shortly afterwards our engineers developed the rotex® a jaw coupling which became the generic term and later even found its way into the din standard from that point on the path was mapped out today ktr offers a virtually unlimited product range of well over 20,000 different couplings and other drive elements if you can’t find what you

reap the benefits of our experience

turbo compressors – when everything turns on maximum performance gas and steam turbines turbo compressors and generators all have one particular thing in common they achieve extremely high speeds because large forces must be mastered at the same time couplings are subjected to loads from two sides the ktr solution high-strength steels which enable the couplings to be designed so that they are as light and compact as possible because the larger the diameter the higher the circumferential speed and that results in loads that ktr would rather avoid in the first place ktr also avoids vibrations caused by an imbalance – after all the drives are often used in highly sensitive areas to prevent these vibrations from building up ktr carries out precision work right from the outset we place particular importance on good precise production and balancing 8 one coupling that combines all these benefits is the rigiflex®-hp high-performance coupling it even bears its performance

full power – even under pressure high-performance compressors often contain high-density air – in extreme cases up to 500 bar as a result extreme loads and high torques can occur particularly when the system starts up these must be expertly absorbed in order to protect the entire system from damage – a task that the rigiflex®-hp masters perfectly as stable as possible and as flexible as necessary – in reciprocating screw or pendulum compressors industrial gas or process air compressors plunger or turbo compressors it is responsible for two things at the same time it produces and withstands pressure

vacuum pump setting to work with a breath of fresh air quite why the vacuum pump is called a pump even though it is technically a compressor that runs backwards we can’t tell you what we can tell you with certainty however is that when you come to us you will find the perfect drives for this compressor too whether it’s in the packaging industry or in pneumatic conveyance for preserving goods or for extracting gases and liquids vacuum pumps are frequently produced in high quantities to optimise manufacturing costs they have an extremely compact design which can result in intense heat development the solution ktr provides a breath of fresh air couplings with moulded-on fans enable the necessary air circulation by virtue of the fans removing the warm air directly from the housing by means of a heat exchanger

portable compressors momentum without vibration no power no problem wherever the infrastructure does not allow for an electricity supply portable compressors provide the necessary pressure in civil engineering or in road construction in quarries or in blasting work powerful diesel engines reliably power pneumatic tools pumps and sandblasting equipment in this situation a portable compressor places very high demands on the mounted components on the one hand because of the vibrations generated by the internal combustion engine and on the other hand because today’s compressor screws have a large inertia and often require an additional gear stage to achieve higher rotational speeds and that places the coupling under high load particularly when starting up in order to absorb these and other shock loads ktr provides highly elastic couplings which damp the oscillations and can absorb vibrations this therefore minimises the loads in the drivetrain and significantly extends the service

the full programme for the best possible drive are you looking for the right drive for a pump or for a compressor you are sure to find it at ktr ktr offers a comprehensive product range of elastic and torsionally rigid couplings to keep your products reliably in motion for pumps zz the torsionally elastic jaw coupling rotex® zz the rotex® zs-dkm-h whose double-cardan design has been specially developed for pump drives zz the compact torsionally elastic jaw coupling ­poly-norm® zz the non failsafe poly coupling zz the backlash-free torsionally rigid steel lamina couplings radex®-n and rigiflex®-n these comply with api 610 or 671 and thanks to their all-steel design permit temperatures of between –30 and +280 degrees zz the permanent-magnet coupling minex® which is used for contactless torque transmission in pumps for aggressive and toxic media zz the dataflex® which has proven itself both in development and quality assurance as precision measuring

product overview for pumps and compressors couplings centrifugal pumps pumps rotex® rotex® sp radex®-n rigiflex®-n • • • • • • centrifugal pumps for diesel engines mag drive pumps lng and turbo compressors compressors • • rotary valve vacuum pumps • • roots vacuum pumps • • stationary screw-compressors • portable screw-compressors vacuum pumps certificates and standards 16 atex and api api 610 api 610

rigiflex®-hp poly-norm® revolex® kx-d • • • bowex® hew compact bowexelastic® bowex® gt minex®-s mmc cooler • • • • • • • • • • api 671 • api 685

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