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portable compressors momentum without vibration no power no problem wherever the infrastructure does not allow for an electricity supply portable compressors provide the necessary pressure in civil engineering or in road construction in quarries or in blasting work powerful diesel engines reliably power pneumatic tools pumps and sandblasting equipment in this situation a portable compressor places very high demands on the mounted components on the one hand because of the vibrations generated by the internal combustion engine and on the other hand because today’s compressor screws have a large inertia and often require an additional gear stage to achieve higher rotational speeds and that places the coupling under high load particularly when starting up in order to absorb these and other shock loads ktr provides highly elastic couplings which damp the oscillations and can absorb vibrations this therefore minimises the loads in the drivetrain and significantly extends the service life of adjacent components 12 however ktr calculates before it gets that far and really well too a vast range of different factors are taken into consideration in the so-called torsion vibration analysis tva the resonance range of the coupling its performance at extremes of temperature the transmission of vibrations from the internal combustion engine the moments of inertia of the engine and compressor screw and much more the appropriate coupling and the way of adapting it to the construction are then selected on the basis of this sophisticated computer-based analysis of torsional vibration the coupling which has been designed specifically for elastic torque transmission in drives at risk of torsional vibration is the bowex-elastic® it is highly torsionally elastic and combines the advantages of the proven bowex® system in a compact design with the option of an axial plug assembly within the curved toothing torsional vibrations and shock loads are damped and reduced the coupling also enables misalignments to be compensated – radially angularly axially – whilst maintaining extremely low restoring forces.