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the full programme for the best possible drive are you looking for the right drive for a pump or for a compressor you are sure to find it at ktr ktr offers a comprehensive product range of elastic and torsionally rigid couplings to keep your products reliably in motion for pumps zz the torsionally elastic jaw coupling rotex® zz the rotex® zs-dkm-h whose double-cardan design has been specially developed for pump drives zz the compact torsionally elastic jaw coupling ­poly-norm® zz the non failsafe poly coupling zz the backlash-free torsionally rigid steel lamina couplings radex®-n and rigiflex®-n these comply with api 610 or 671 and thanks to their all-steel design permit temperatures of between –30 and +280 degrees zz the permanent-magnet coupling minex® which is used for contactless torque transmission in pumps for aggressive and toxic media zz the dataflex® which has proven itself both in development and quality assurance as precision measuring equipment 14 for portable compressors zz the highly elastic flange coupling bowex-elastic® zz as mmc coolers e.g as oil coolers and charge-air coolers in a housing zz the dataflex® torque measurement shaft for reliably determining resonance points in testing for stationary compressors zz the rotex® for screw compressors with a constant speed zz the bowex® hew compact for driving screw compressors with a variable speed zz the radex®-n and rigiflex®-n for multistage compressors for lng and turbo compressors zz the rigiflex®-hp high-performance coupling with adjusted centre of gravity and optimised torsional rigidity for vacuum pumps zz the rotex® and rotex® fnn couplings with or without integrated fan impeller zz the poly-norm® jaw coupling with nbr elastomer zz the bowex® hew compact as a highly elastic coupling.