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the specialist solutions for individual applications single-cardan couplings have a wide range of applications but they also have their limits if compensation of a large shaft offset is necessary in order to convey heated media this can only be done by double-cardan couplings e.g by the rotex® zs-dkm-h this spacer coupling can also be installed and uninstalled in no time the shell hubs are reliably held by just four screws unique yet versatile thanks to the wide choice of gear elastomers the rotex® jaw coupling can easily be adapted to a vast range of different requirements the new materials are extremely durable and are characterised by very high temperature resistance and excellent wear resistance if the torques reach very high levels the torsionally elastic and fail-safe pin and bush coupling revolex® kx-d is the ideal connection it can be used at up to 1,220 knm connected axially and is extremely compact it compensates axial radial and angular shaft offsets alike and its elastomer rings are resistant to gasoline and oils two become one a unique design feature of the bowex® gt is its split sleeve composed of two half-shells which completely simplifies disassembly for maintenance purposes at the same time thanks to the double-cardan principle the bowex® gt has a considerably greater capacity for radial misalignment than conventional products we can also provide special design for our steel lamina couplings radex®-n and rigiflex®-n by utilising new technologies thanks to high-strength grp or crp spacers larger shaft distances can be bridged and without any weight problems either – ideal for large pumps in irrigation systems the rotex® sp the rotex® is always characterised by small dimensions low weight and low inertia whilst at the same time having high torque transmission the precise all-over machining has a positive effect on the running characteristics and significantly increases the service life of the coupling as the newly developed rotex® sp it is also zero maintenance in potentially explosive atmospheres and is fail-safe but nonsparking 15