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wherever movement is needed we push on always a good connection ktr has been in the business of effective power transmission for over 50 years today we are a leading manufacturer of high-quality power transmission technology braking systems cooling systems and hydraulic components and a trustworthy partner for anyone wanting reliable and durable propulsion for their pumps and compressors ktr started in 1959 with one simple question can the established curved tooth coupling be developed further the answer was obvious the result revolutionary – the bowex® the maintenance-free coupling which combined nylon and steel for the first time shortly afterwards our engineers developed the rotex® a jaw coupling which became the generic term and later even found its way into the din standard from that point on the path was mapped out today ktr offers a virtually unlimited product range of well over 20,000 different couplings and other drive elements if you can’t find what you are looking for however we see that as a personal challenge because we don’t just want to be suppliers to our customers but problem solvers too this includes finding the best most cost-effective solutions for custom applications or to express it in numbers ktr develops more than 20,000 new products and product variants every year on behalf of its clients and believe us that includes the coupling that drives your pump at maximum performance 4 if you want professional advice even in the planning phase no problem our trained sales staff and application engineers will support you right from the start in addition a wealth of information about our products a cad library assembly instructions and much more are freely available at www.ktr.com all it takes is one click if you need standard products for your pumps or compressors taking a look at our website will help you too simply use the calculation program to determine which size of coupling is right for your application and place your order for the desired date the fact that this all runs smoothly is thanks to our sap data hub which allows direct communication with other systems thus ensuring short response times including for orders the rest is then taken care of by the ktr logistics centre which controls the entire flow of goods using radio-controlled barcode scanning and even once the items are on their way you are still in control of everything with the track-and-trace system you can check the status or rather the delivery of your items at any time.