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turbo compressors – when everything turns on maximum performance gas and steam turbines turbo compressors and generators all have one particular thing in common they achieve extremely high speeds because large forces must be mastered at the same time couplings are subjected to loads from two sides the ktr solution high-strength steels which enable the couplings to be designed so that they are as light and compact as possible because the larger the diameter the higher the circumferential speed and that results in loads that ktr would rather avoid in the first place ktr also avoids vibrations caused by an imbalance – after all the drives are often used in highly sensitive areas to prevent these vibrations from building up ktr carries out precision work right from the outset we place particular importance on good precise production and balancing 8 one coupling that combines all these benefits is the rigiflex®-hp high-performance coupling it even bears its performance credentials in its name and has been developed specifically for use in high-speed drivetrains in other words at 1,000 cubic metres of air per second 10,000 revolutions per minute and 500 bars of pressure this torsionally rigid and low-maintenance all-steel coupling is not stretched to its limits rather it is in its element it combines optimum rigidity with maximum flexibility and is therefore the first choice for nuclear plant and energy technology in petrochemistry and marine technology in mining and tunnel construction.