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jumeirah zabeel s a r ay local tip try the hotel’s indian or lebanese restaurants for a taste of the exotic dubai ua e like something from aladdin this opulent palace hotel located on a secluded frond of dubai’s iconic palm was defnitely designed with princesses in mind boasting a wide swathe of private golden beach an award-winning spa and enough marble and mosaic to pave a small empire it’s no wonder it’s a draw for celebrities and royalty trendy minimalism has been shunned in favour of plush fabrics and ornamental extravagance really this is every inch the arabian fantasy big bold and beautiful with 443 rooms we love the sheer scale and fabulousness of it insider tip dubai’s famous marina is just 20 minutes away by boat book it 5 nights including breakfast from £1,900 per person uk to dubai 7 hours 54 gmt+4