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boring bar sleeves [sleeve � ezh sleeves and compatible bars listed by sleeve shank dia shank size 017 hole dia mm eztr 035030 hpb§ 0303 eztr 040035 fghjlmpr index 030025 technical eztr e spare parts internal grooving face grooving internal threading ezbr ezbr ezbr c milling 020017st020017 nb ezbr ezbr ezbr ezvbr ezgr ezh b solid end mills bar ezbr ezbr ezbr ezbr ezbr ezh ezh a threading boring ez ezbr ezbr ezbr ezh ezh 03519ct-120 03520ct-120 03522ct-135 03525.0ct-135 03525.4ct-120 03516hp-100 03519hp-120 03520hp-120 03522hp-135 03525.0hp-135 03525.4hp-120 03512st-80 03516st-100 03519st-120 03520st-120 03522st-135 03525.0st-135 03525.4st-120 035035hp040035st040035 nb ezh cut-off ezh-st sleeve part numbers ezh ezh 03019ct-120 03020ct-120 03022ct-135 03025.0ct-135 03025.4ct-120 03016hp-100 03019hp-120 03020hp-120 03022hp-135 03025.0hp-135 03025.4hp-120 03012st-80 03016st-100 03019st-120 03020st-120 03022st-135 03025.0st-135 03025.4st-120 030030hp035030st 030 nb 035030030030 ezh grooving ezh 02519ct-120 02520ct-120 02522ct-135 02525.0ct-135 02525.4ct-120 02516hp-100 02519hp-120 02520hp-120 02522hp-135 02525.0hp-135 02525.4hp-120 02512st-80 02516st-100 02519st-120 02520st-120 02522st-135 02525.0st-135 02525.4st-120 025025hp030025st030025 nb ezh boring sleeve part numbers ezh 02019ct-120 02020ct-120 02022ct-135 02025.0ct-135 02025.4ct-120 02016hp-100 02019hp-120 02020hp-120 02022hp-135 02025.0hp-135 02025.4hp-120 02012st-80 02016st-100 02019st-120 02020st-120 02022st-135 02025.0st-135 02025.4st-120 020020hp025020st025020 nb 3.5mm turning adjustable ezh 035 3.0mm cbn pcd ezh ezh-hp 01719ct-120 01720ct-120 01722ct-135 01725.0ct-135 01725.4ct-120 01716hp-100 01719hp-120 01720hp-120 01722hp-135 01725.0hp-135 01725.4hp-120 01712st-80 01716st-100 01719st-120 01720st-120 01722st-135 01725.0st-135 01725.4st-120 03 2.5mm inserts ezh with coolant hole and ez adjust structure sleeve part numbers 025 2.0mm grades ezh-ct 020 1.7mm t 2-edge micro-bar ez bar plus hpb§ 0202 boring bar internal grooving face grooving internal threading boring bars shank size 04 hole dia mm ezh-ct with coolant hole and ez adjust structure sleeve part numbers ezh-hp adjustable sleeve part numbers ezh-st sleeve part numbers ez bar boring internal grooving face grooving internal threading 04019ct-120 04020ct-120 04022ct-135 04025.0ct-135 04025.4ct-120 04016hp-100 ezh 04019hp-120 04020hp-120 04022hp-135 04025.0hp-135 04025.4hp-120 04012st-80 ezh 04016st-100 04019st-120 04020st-120 04022st-135 04025.0st-135 04025.4st-120 ezbr 040040hpezbr 045040stezbr 040 nb ezvbr 045040ezgr 040040ezfgr 050040eztr 050040 double-sided micro-bar internal grooving face grooving internal threading boring bar 6.0mm 05019ct-120 05020ct-120 05022ct-135 05025.0ct-135 05025.4ct-120 05016hp-100 ezh 05019hp-120 05020hp-120 05022hp-135 05025.0hp-135 05025.4hp-120 05012st-80 ezh 05016st-100 05019st-120 05020st-120 05022st-135 05025.0st-135 05025.4st-120 ezbr 050050hpezbr 055050stezbr 050 nb ezvbr 055050ezgr 050050ezfgr 060050eztr 060050 06019ct-120 06020ct-120 06022ct-135 06025.0ct-135 06025.4ct-120 06016hp-100 ezh 06019hp-120 06020hp-120 06022hp-135 06025.0hp-135 06025.4hp-120 06012st-80 ezh 06016st-100 06019st-120 06020st-120 06022st-135 06025.0st-135 06025.4st-120 ezbr 060060hpezbr 065060stezbr 060 nb ezvbr 065060-… ezgr 060060 ezh ezh 04516hp-100 04519hp-120 04520hp-120 04522hp-135 04525.0hp-135 04525.4hp-120 hpb§ 0404hpbt§ 0404hpg§ 0404 hpb§ 0505hpbt§ 0505hpg§ 0505 hpt§ c04 hpt§ c05 04504… 06 5.0mm 4.5mm s045x sclcr03-050ez c045x sclcr03-050ez ez bar plus boring bar 05 045 4.0mm ezh 06005… ezh eztr s060xc060xhpb§ ezh ezh … … 07019ct-120 07020ct-120 07022ct-135 07025.0ct-135 07025.4ct-120 07016hp-100 07019hp-120 07020hp-120 07022hp-135 07025.0hp-135 07025.4hp-120 07012st-80 07016st-100 07019st-120 07020st-120 07022st-135 07025.0st-135 07025.4st-120 ezbr ezbr 075070st 070 nb ezgr ezfgr eztr 070-… 080070080070 070060sclcr04-070ez sclcr04-070ez 0606hpb§ hpg§ 0606c06s06 07 7.0mm ezh hpg§ hpfg§ hpt§ c07 07070707080707507… note 1 ‌ when attaching double-sided micro bar to ezh-hp sleeve adjustable overhang length detach adjustable pin overhang length is not adjustable 2 psh sleeves will be switched to ezh sleeves 800.823.7284 visit us online at f69