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thread methods � internal threading tool holder and the method of cutting external thread the direction of spindle revolution m04 the direction of spindle revolution m03 • use inserts with partial profile � infeed methods infeed methods • used for large pitch size threading • no doc on right side of the figure causes insert wear and on materials that work harden will cause hardening of this surface • chips flow to one side • recommended method to reduce work hardening and improve insert life • 3-5 degrees for steel and up to 12 degrees for stainless materials • chips flow to one side allowing coolant to reach insert tip • this method is recommended to threading by 2-thread insert visit us online at fghjlmprt features • the cutting edge moves toward the center of the workpiece every pass • suitable for relatively small pitch size threading • v-shape chips are generated and chip control may be difficult depending on workpiece material • chips prevent coolant from reaching tool tip causing poor tool life 800.823.7284 e index l l-hand l l-hand technical toolholder insert spare parts r r-hand r r-hand c milling toolholder insert b solid end mills m04 threading r r-hand the direction of spindle revolution cut-off insert m03 grooving l l-hand a boring r r-hand turning insert the direction of spindle revolution left-hand thread toolholder cbn pcd l l-hand inserts toolholder grades external threading right-hand thread j43