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material list jis r t steel for machine structural use hot-rolled steel plate sheet and strip for automobile structural use saph cold-rolled steel plate sheet and strip spc hot-rolled soft steel plate sheet and strip sph carbon steel pipe for ordinary piping sgp carbon steel pipe for boiler heat exchanger stb seamless steel pipe for high pressure gas cylinder sth carbon steel pipe for general structural use stk carbon steel pipe for machine structural use stkm alloy steel pipe for structural use stks stainless steel pipe for machine structural use sus-tk steel square pipe for general structural use stkr alloy steel pipe for ordinary piping stpa carbon steel pipe for pressure service stpg carbon steel pipe for high-temperature service stpt carbon steel pipe for high-pressure service sts stainless steel pipe for ordinary piping sus-tp carbon steel for machine structural use sxxc sxxck aluminium chromium molybdenum steel sacm chromium molybdenum steel scm chromium steel scr nickel chromium steel nickel chromium molybdenum steel tool steel hollow drill steel alloy tool steel special steel special steel stainless steel heat super resistant alloy steel snc sncm smn smnc sk skc sks skd skt skh free cutting carbon steel sum high carbon chromium bearing steel suj spring steel sup stainless steel bar sus-b hot-rolled stainless steel plate sheet and strip sus-hp sus-hs cold-rolled stainless steel plate sheet and strip sus-cp sus-cs heat-resisting steel bar suh-b suh-cb heat-resisting steel plate and sheet suh-hp suh-cp corrosion-resisting and heat-resisting superalloy bar ncf-b corrosion-resisting and heat-resisting superalloy plate and sheet ncf-p carbon steel forging sf chromium molybdenum steel forging sfcm nickel chromium molybdenum steel forging sfncm gray cast iron fc spheroidal graphite cast iron fcd blackheart malleable cast iron fcmb whiteheart malleable cast iron fcmw pearlitic malleable cast iron fcmp carbon cast steel sc high tensile strength carbon cast steel low alloy cast steel scc stainless cast steel scs heat-resisting cast steel sch high manganese cast steel scmnh cast steel for high temperature and high pressure service scph name of jis standard symbol copper and copper alloy sheet strip cxxxxp cxxxxpp cxxxxr copper and copper alloy rod and bar cxxxxbd cxxxxbds cxxxxbe aluminum and al alloy sheet strip axxxxp axxxxpc aluminum and al alloy rod bar and wire axxxxbe axxxxbes axxxxbd axxxxbds axxxxw axxxxws aluminum and al alloy extruded shape axxxxs aluminum and al alloy forging axxxxfd axxxxfh magnesium alloy sheet and plate mp magnesium alloy rod and bar mb nickel copper alloy sheet and plate ncup nickel copper alloy rod and bar ncub titanium rod and bar tb copper ssc aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy expanded material ss light gauge steel for general structure magnesium alloy expanded material rolled steel for general structure nickel alloy srb titanium expanded material re-rolled steel class casting structural steel steel pipe turning boring grooving cut-off r4 symbol sm high speed tool steel forged steel p name of jis standard rolled steel for welded structure carbon tool steel cast iron m � non-ferrous metal manganese steel and manganese chromium steel for machine structural use cast steel l threading j solid end mills h milling g spare parts f technical e index c cbn pcd steel sheet b class inserts a grades � metal brass casting cac20x high strength brass casting cac30x bronze casting cac40x phosphoric bronze casting cac50x aluminum bronze casting cac70x aluminum alloy casting ac magnesium alloy casting mc zinc alloy die casting zdcx aluminum alloy die casting adc magnesium alloy die casting md white metal wj 800.823.7284 visit us online at