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positive cermet coated carbide carbide ew n ms e it turning inserts how to read this page � b7 in low feed sharp edge dcet dcgt dcgt low feed sharp edge dcgt dcgt cvd coated carbide megacoat megacoat nano 0.008 0.001 0.004 0.008 Þ Þ Ä Å Þ Å ß ß Ç ß ß Þ Þ Þ Þ Þ Þ <0.002 <0.004 <0.008 <0.002 <0.004 <0.008 <0.004 <0.008 ß ß <0.002 <0.004 <0.008 ß ß <0.016 0.008 ß ßÞß ßÞß ß ß Ç ßÞÅ Å Å Å ß ß ß ß Å Þ Þ Å Þ Þ Å <0.002 0.004 pvd coated carbide ß Þ Þ ß Þ Å ßß ßß <0.002 <0.004 <0.008 <1/64 <0.002 <0.004 <0.008 <1/64 ß Å Þ Ç Þ Å ßß <0.001 Þ Å Þ Þ Þ Þ Þ Þ ßß ßß ßß ßß ßß ßß • insert whose corner rr� dimension expressed with less than sign e.g <0.002 <0.004 <0.008 etc indicate models with minus tolerance for corner r r� 2 chipbreaker range 1 Þ u.s stock Å u.s stock r-hand only Ä u.s stock l-hand only ß world express shipping 7-10 business days Ç world express r-hand only Æ world express l-hand only inserts sold in 10 piece boxes chipbreaker range mega coat cermet cermet toolholder page tn620 tn6010 tn6020 tn60 pv720 pv7010 pv7025 pvd cermet pv90 ca510 ca515 ca525 ca530 ca5505 ca5515 ca5525 ca5535 ca6515 ca6525 pr1425 pr1225 pr1305 pr1310 pr1325 pr930 pr1005 pr1025 pr1125 kw10 carbide sw05 0.004 0.001 titanium alloy hard materials 0.001 0.008 hjlmprt non-ferrous metals heat-resistant alloys � h 0.004 gray cast iron nodular cast iron s 0.001 stainless steel � reference table above dcet g index dcet f technical dcet e spare parts sharp edge precision super fine carbon/alloy steel � n r� milling dcet part number 0702003f§-usf 070201f§-usf 070202f§-usf 11t3003f§-usf 11t301f§-usf 11t302f§-usf 0702005mf§-usf 070201mf§-usf 070202mf§-usf 11t3005mf§-usf 11t301mf§-usf 11t302mf§-usf 0702005mf§-u 070201mf§-u 070202mf§-u 11t3005mf§-u 11t301mf§-u 11t302mf§-u 11t304mf§-u 0702003f§-u 070201f§-u 070202f§-u 11t3003f§-u 11t301f§-u 11t302f§-u 0702003mf§-u 0702005mf§-u 070201mf§-u 070202mf§-u 070204mf§-u 11t3005mf§-u 11t301mf§-u 11t302mf§-u 11t304mf§-u c free-cutting steel � � k corner radius in b solid end mills low feed iso � � � a threading dcet part number 21501f§-usf 21502f§-usf 21505f§-usf 32501f§-usf 32502f§-usf 32505f§-usf 215013mf§-usf 21502mf§-usf 21505mf§-usf 325013mf§-usf 32502mf§-usf 32505mf§-usf 215013mf§-u 21502mf§-u 21505mf§-u 325013mf§-u 32502mf§-u 32505mf§-u 3251mf§-u 21501f§-u 21502f§-u 21505f§-u 32501f§-u 32502f§-u 32505f§-u 21501mf§-u 215013mf§-u 21502mf§-u 21505mf§-u 2151mf§-u 325013mf§-u 32502mf§-u 32505mf§-u 3251mf§-u �� �� 7˚ cut-off ansi � � grooving m � Ød 0.110 0.173 boring � interruption 1st choice � interruption 2nd choice � light interruption 1st choice � light interruption 2nd choice � continuous 1st choice � continuous 2nd choice hardness under 45hrc ��� t 3/32 5/32 turning p a 1/4 3/8 cbn pcd usage classification part number dc_215 dc_325 inserts positive insert with hole applicable toolholder page e24 e27 e35 f45 f49 e20 e24 e27 e35 f45 f49 grades 55° diamond part number dc 215 dc 325 1 b19