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dynamic bar � n  ew dynamic bar � s  uperior chip evacuation external coolant dynamic bar competitor b inside the workpiece toolholder design through stress analysis maximum structural thickness for high rigidity controls chattering to achieve stable machining competitor a in competitor a and b s products chips remain inside the workpiece but chips from dynamic bar are all evacuated from the workpiece large chip pocket exhibits superior chip evacuation � p  ocket length comparison chip evacuation direction � c  hip evacuation direction pocket length sclcp stlbp pocket length mm part number dynamic bar competitor a a16-sclpr09-18 type 37 29 a20-sclcr09-22 type 48 32 better evacuation with dual chip flow dynamic bar with superior chip evacuation high rigidity and chattering resistance by using a special alloy the help of stress analysis technology previously unattained surface finish and dimensional accuracy are now achieved � a  nti-chatter vibration performance � s  urface finish comparison vibration of the dynamic bar was minimal even at high cutting speeds enabling stable machining 5.5 5 4.5 5.0 4 3