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boring bar sleeves sleeve joint � c  oolant joint dimensions this coolant joint is not applicable for dynamic bar 8btifs ddfttpsz 5isfbe 5ppmipmefs4jef spare parts dimensions mm part number stock thread toolholder side thread joint side washer d l1 l2 h ß 15 15 7 13 m5xp0.8 rc1/8 pt1/8 wb-5 ß 15 15 9 13 m6xp1.0 rc1/8 pt1/8 wb-6 ß 15 15 13 13 m8xp1.25 rc1/8 pt1/8 wb-8 5isfbe +pjou4jef - sjs-5 sjs-6 sjs-8 - � list of toolholders and applicable joints  ĥ psboh5zqf5ppmqptu +pjou 3 toolholder part number 1jqf $ppmbou+pjou 4+4ê a08-···-ooe a10-···-ooe a12-···-ooe a16-···-ooe a20-···-ooe a25-···-ooe e08-···-oo e10-···-oo e12-···-oo e16-···-oo e20-···-oo 8btifs 8# 8btifsbuubdifeup$ppmbou+pjou #psjoh#bsxjui$ppmboupmf boring � sha sh shc sleeves and applicable toolholders listed by shank dia f shank size hole dia mm 04 4mm 05 06 5mm 6mm 07 7mm 08 8mm sh0416-100 sh0516-100 sh0616-100 sh0716-100 sh0820-120 sha sh shc sleeve part numbers boring bars c04·-··· c05·-··· c06·-··· part numbers s06·-··· c07·-··· sh1020-120 sjs-5 sjs-6 sjs-8 sjs-5 sjs-6 sjs-8 this coolant joint is not applicable for dynamic bar 12 12mm sh1225-150 16 20 16mm 20mm sh1632-180 sh2032-180 25 25mm sha0819-120 sha1019-120 sha0820-120 sha1020-120 sha0822-125 sha1022-125 sha1222-125 sha0823-120 sha1023-120 sha1223-120 sha0825.0-135 sha1025.0-135 sha1225.0-135 sha0825.4-120 sha1025.4-120 sha1225.4-120 shc0840-70 shc1040-70 shc1240-70 shc1640-70 shc2040-70 shc2540-70 shc0850-95 shc1050-95 shc1250-95 shc1650-95 shc2050-95 shc2550-95 a08·-··· a10·-··· a12·-··· a16·-··· a20·-··· a25·-··· c08·-··· c10·-··· c12·-··· c16·-··· c20·-··· c25·-··· e08·-··· e10·-··· e12·-··· e16·-··· e20·-··· e25·-··· s08·-··· s10·-··· s12·-··· s16·-··· s20·-··· s25·-··· sige§0808a-eh sige§1010b-eh sige§1412c-eh sige§1616c-eh sige§2020d-eh sige§2525e-eh sige§1210b-eh sige§1612c-eh sige§1010b-wh sige§1412c-wh sige§1210b-wh sige§1612c-wh sige§0808a-wh internal grooving 10 10mm applicable coolant joint kigba§3525-16 kigm§2016b-3v kigm§2520b-3v kigm§3225b-4v kitg§3525t-16 siger1008b-wh-90 siger1210b-wh-90 siger1412c-wh-90 toolholder part numbers giv§1412-1se giv§1216-1ss giv§1420-1s giv§2025-1b giv§1612-1ae giv§2016-1be giv§1620-1a giv§2025-2b giv§2016-2be giv§2520-1ce giv§3225-1ce giv§1616-1aw giv§2720-2ce giv§3225-2ce giv§2020-1bw giv§2525-1cw giv§2020-2bw giv§2525-2cw sinr0612s-06e internal threading sinr0816s-08e sin§2420s-16 sin§1216s-11e sinr2420s-22 cin§3025s-16 cinr3025s-22 sin§1516s-11 toolholder part numbers sin§1616s-16 sin§2016s-16 for sha sleeves please ref to page � f94 for sh shc sleeves please ref to page � f95 f96 customer service 800.823.7284 option 1 technical support 800.823.7284 option 2 visit us online at kyoceraprecisiontools.com u.s stock standard Þ world express shipping 7-10 business days ß