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cbn tools � megacoat cbn extended tool life cbn pcd improved stability high speed cutting kyocera s new innovative cbn tools cbn variation and features ref page � a16 various edge preparations added to the high performance megacoat cbn inserts �  turning insert identification system cnga 12 04 04 s01225 me refer to � b2 for turning indexable inserts identification system insert type negative positive part number edge prep cnga431mef cnga431s00525me cnga431s00245mep cnga431s00525se cnmn431s00820 ccmw3251mef ccmw3251t00315me ccmw3251s00525mes ccmw3251t00315se f s00525 s00245 s00525 s00820 f t00315 s00525 t00315 no of re-grinding • re-grinding edges mef 2 1 regrinding ‌ is possible for inserts without me 2 any indication in manufacturer s option not short recommended small edge mep 2 regrinding may not be available se 1 depending on the edge condition possible no indication only kbn900 long multiple edge mef 2 2 regrinding ‌ is not recommended for me 2 inserts with manufacturer s symbol like not short recommended small edge mes 2 me or se se 1 manufacture s option cutting edge length refer to page � b6 for insert color � features of chamfer width § angle � how to identify edge preparation edge prep cutting edge spec f sharp edge chamfer width and angle example shape f sharp edge e honed cutting edge e003 r0.003 honed cutting edge t chamfered cutting edge t00515 0.005 x 15° chamfered cutting edge s chamfered and honed cutting edge s00525 0.005 x 25° chamfered honed cutting edge honed cutting edge 0.12 15° 0.12 25° honed cutting edge s00525 0.005”×25°+honed cutting edge mese honed cutting edge s00730 0.007”×30°+honed cutting edge metset meh honed cutting edge s01630 0.016”×30°+honed cutting edge fracture resistance and cutting edge strength manufacturer s option mep c2 cutting edge prep s00245 me s00525 met s00730 meh s01630 poor wear resistance good poor fracture resistance poor good application continuous interruption width angle chamfered cutting edge prep chamfered cutting edge chamfered and honed cutting edge � standard cutting edge prep of positive inserts good good cutting force sharp-cutting s00245 cutting edge good honed mep 0.002”×45°+honed large cutting force sharp edge � standard cutting edge prep of negative inserts honed cutting edge small 0.002 x 45° honed cutting edge 0.005 x 25° honed cutting edge 0.007 x 30° honed cutting edge 0.016 x 30° honed cutting edge good cutting force sharp-cutting symbol rounded cutting edge hone t00315 0.003”×15° s00525 me se rounded cutting edge hone 0.005”×25° chamfered honed cutting edge mes s00435 0.004”×35° rounded cutting edge hone met set fracture resistance and cutting edge strength application features high speed continuous machining excellent crater wear resistance manufacturer s option me cutting edge prep t00315 general purpose mes s00525 superior fracture resistance met s00425 interrupted high feed machining prevention of flaking 0.003 x 15° 0.005 x 25° rounded cutting edge hone 0.004 x 35° rounded cutting edge hone good application features chamfered sharp cutting oriented less burring general purpose interrupted cutting stable cutting oriented 800.823.7284 visit us online at kyoceraprecisiontools.com