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cbn tools � case studies Ø3.15” Ø2.99” Ø2.83” Ø2.99” Ø2.68” tool life of kbn05m-me type edge prep 0.005 ×25° chamfered r honed is same as competitor e.’s kbn05m-mep edge prep 0.0020 ×45° chamfered r honed type achieved 1.5 times longer tool life preventing crater wear competitor e compared to competitor f kbn05m-meh type edge prep 0.016 ×30° chamfered r-honed achieved 1.5 times longer tool life no chipping in interrupted machining and improved productivity comp f’s cutting edge got many chipping feed rate could be increased from 0.006 to 0.010 ipr in facing �achieved cycle time and cost reduction user evaluation 4131 60hrc 4131 58hrc kbn25m competitor g Ø4.72” gear parts • ‌face machining interrupted • vc=295 sfm • d.o.c 0.020 • f=0.005 ipr • wet_dry • cnga120412s01225me kbn25m 30 pcs/edge unstable kbn25m improved tool life up to 70 pieces/edge than is two times more than competitor s g cbn tool also kbn25m has increased its tool life up to 250 pieces/edge by hanging from wet machining to dry machining user evaluation 800.823.7284 visit us online at kyoceraprecisiontools.com sleeve • ‌‌‌internal machining heavy interrupted • vc=328sfm • d.o.c 0.020 • f=0.004 ipr • wet • tpgb110308s01035met kbn35m kbn35m 70 pcs/edge competitor hnprt 100 pcs/edge 1.57” Ø0.79” kbn05m-me j Ø2.36” 150 pcs/edge user evaluation kbn05m-mep h index 1.57” competitor f 100 pcs/edge competitor e technical kbn05m-meh edge preparation 0.40×30° 100 pcs/edge spare parts kbn05m-me edge preparation 0.12×25° g hsk tooling 5120 61~65hrc 150 pcs/edge threading user evaluation gear • ‌‌external and face machining interrupted • vc=394 sfm • d.o.c 0.006 • f=0.004~0.006 ipr external • wet • cnga120408s04030meh kbn05m kbn05m-mep f cut-off user evaluation edge preparation 0.05×45° e grooving kbn05m achieved twise longer tool life than competitor d �its longer tool life contributes to cost-cutting pulley • face machining continuous • vc=394 sfm • d.o.c 0.006 0.008 • f=0.009 ipr • wet • dnga120408s00545mep kbn05m d 300 pcs/edge competitor d 5120h 58hrc c boring kbn05m achieved 1.5 times longer tool life than competitor c � its longer tool life contributes to cost-cutting b small tools 200 pcs/edge competitor c 600 pcs/edge a toolholders kbn05m 300 pcs/edge 0.08” cbn pcd kbn05m 0.16” stator • ‌boring • vc=558 sfm • d.o.c 0.016 • f=0.004 ipr • wet • cnga432s01225me kbn05m 1.97” inserts gear • ‌external and face machining and chamfering • vc=427 sfm • d.o.c 0.024 • f=0.005 ipr • wet • cnga432s01225me kbn05m 4131 55hrc grades 5120h 58hrc 115 pcs/edge 100 pcs/edge kbn35m achieved 15 longer tool life in heavy interrupted machining compared with competitor h furthermore it still keeps the insert in a good condition and so provides stable machining result �its longer tool life and capability of providing stable result can contribute to cost-cutting and improved efficiency in machining user evaluation c5