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cbn tools how to read this page � b13 in hjnp technical r index 0.005 x 15° chamfered cutting edge s00525 0.005 x 25° chamfered and honed cutting edge nodular cast iron without scale r0.003 honed hard materials roughing h t �� �� hard materials finishing hard materials chip control 0.087 ß cngm 431s00525bb2 cngm 120404s01225bb2 1/64 0.087 ß 120408s01225bb2 1/32 3/32 120412s01225bb2 3/64 0.102 cngm 120404s01625bb3 1/64 0.102 120408s01625bb3 1/32 0.110 120412s01625bb3 3/64 0.118 ß m 432s00525bb2 s00525 433s00525bb2 cngm 431s00625bb3 432s00625bb3 433s00625bb3 s00625 Þ u.s stock Å u.s stock r-hand only Ä u.s stock l-hand only ß world express shipping 7-10 business days Ç world express r-hand only Æ world express l-hand only 1 toolholder page 3/64 kbn570 120412s00825bb1 kbn65b 433s00325bb1 1 kbn475 0.079 kbn525 1/32 s00825 kbn510 120408s00825bb1 432s00325bb1 cbn kbn70m 0.071 kbn65m s 1/64 kbn60m r� cngm 120404s00825bb1 cngm 431s00325bb1 kbn35m part number part number kbn30m kbn25m kbn10m iso megacoat cbn kbn05m ansi edge prep in no of edges powdered steel dimensions in ”e g spare parts t00515 chamfered and honed cutting edge f hsk tooling chamfered cutting edge  e threading t s k nodular cast iron with scale 5 cut-off rounded cutting edge hone sì grooving e 4 d boring sharp edge chip control c small tools f insert b gray cast iron with scale example e003 a toolholders cutting edge spec Ød 0.203 0.203 cbn pcd edge prep symbol t 3/16 3/16 inserts negative insert with hole a 1/2 1/2 grades 80° diamond part number cnga 43 cngm 43 ß ß d8 d9 f73 f77 f78 ß ß 1 ß ß ß cbn pcd inserts sold in 1 piece boxes c7