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summary of insert grades grooving cut-off steel workpiece material finishing classification p01 megacoat pv series p10 p20 roughing finishing p40 m01 p30 m20 m30 roughing finishing m40 k01 tn60 tn90 tn60 tc60 cr9025 cr9025 pr630 pr660 pr630 pr660 pr915 pr930 pr1025 pr1115 megacoat pr series pr1215 pr1225 megacoat nano pr series pr1535 pr915 pr930 pr1025 pr905 pr1215 pr1225 pr1215 pr1535 a65 a66n pt600m ceramic kw10 gw15 carbide workpiece material non-ferrous aluminum non-ferrous metals non-metals cutting range finishing classification n01 difficult-to-cut materials inconel titanium roughing finishing n10 n20 n30 hard materials roughing finishing s01 s10 s20 s30 h01 roughing finishing h10 h30 01 10 20 30 pr1225 tn60 a65 a66n pt600m ceramic kw10 gw15 kw10 gw15 pdl025 dlc coating kbn510 kbn525 cbn a4 h20 roughing pr1215 cermet pcd powdered steel hardened steel chilled cast iron megacoat pr series carbide k30 tc40 tc60 pr series k20 tn6020 tc40 cr series k10 tn620 tn6020 tn60 tn90 tc

insert grades cermet kyocera is known as the leading manufacturer of cermets cermet is a composite material combining ceramic and metal typical materials used in cermets are tic tin ticn and nbc designed to provide long tool life and excellent surface finishes cermets combine toughness with superior wear resistance pvd coated cermet pvd coated cermet is a cermet substrate with a thin coating offering high wear resistance and high adhesion resistance the coating is applied by pvd physical vapor deposition technology generally because of the low processing temperature of pvd compared with cvd pvd coated cermet features less deterioration and more bending strength features of cermet pvd coated cermet description cermet material color gray ticn tn620 gray ticn · inner structure has high toughness and chipping resistance along with thermal shock resistance · application recommended cermet for stable steel machining and high quality surface finish tn6010 gray ticn · improved

insert grades cvd chemical vapor deposition reactor heater products inserts n2 cvd coated carbide kyocera’s cvd coated carbide grades are based on ceramic thin film technology and provide stable efficient cutting at high speeds or heavily interrupted applications ch4 vacuum pump h2 ticl4 trap features �equally deposited on face �e  asy application for multilayer deposition �enabling thick coating processing temperature 900° 1100°c • applicable from low to high speed cutting and from finishing to roughing • stable cutting is achieved due to the superior toughness and crack resistance • c utting times are reduced due to good chip control from effective chipbreakers features of cvd coated carbide material description color main component advantages coating composition ca510 gold micro columnar ticn+al2o3+tin · special substrate with thermal deformation resistance along with a thick and tough film coating for wear resistance ·a 

insert grades special substrate and tough coating film provides high wear and fracture resistance special tough substrate and tough coating film provides high stability and wear resistance application 1st choice for steel machining application general to heavy interrupted machining stability oriented high adhesion strength coating layer with ultra fine interface innovative coating layers produce superior hardness and toughness long tool life and stable machining with 40 improved adhesion strength special crystal control technology smooth and flat surface reduces cutting forces sharp cutting and stable machining with a smooth flat surface preventing sudden breakage caused by material welding onto the cutting edge 800.823.7284 visit us online at kyoceraprecisiontools.com long tool life with the high aspect ratio of �-al2o3 layer tin layer �-ai2 o 3 layer ticn layer hjnpr index ca530 technical ca525 g spare parts application continuous to light interrupted steel machining

insert grades e f g cut-off h threading j hsk tooling n spare parts p technical r index hardness (gpa) d grooving 400 20.0nm low 600 800 1000 1200 1400 oxidation resistance t high prevents wear and fracture with high hardness 35gpa and superior oxidation resistance oxidation temperature 1,150°c � cutting edge quality sharp edge insert pr1225 pr1425 competitor a competitor b x300 x300 x1000 x300 c tin 15 oxidation temperature °c carbide substrate b boring tiain 20 10 megacoat ticn 25 small tools 30 toolholders 35 a cbn pcd megacoat nano inserts 40 megacoat base multi-layer structure grades � megacoat nano grade properties x1000 superior edge-sharpening performance and smooth surface x1000 delamination coating peeling and rough surface megacoat series pr1225/pr1425 high edge sharpening performance and adhesion resistance � pr1215 wear resistance comparison � flank wear of front relief face off-centered grooving flank wear of front relief face in

insert grades pvd coated carbide megacoat megacoat nano kyocera’s pvd coated carbides for milling and drilling utilize very tough carbide substrates the low processing temperature compared with cvd leads to improved bending strength less deterioration of the coating and superior tool life with stable machining cvd coated carbide cvd coated carbide grades provide stable efficient machining at high speeds or for heavy interrupted applications ti-base tin ticn coating with superior hardness and wear resistance or ceramic-base al2o3 coating with high-thermal stability is applied on a tough carbide substrate superior fracture and wear resistance features of pvd cvd coated carbide for milling drilling material p main component description color advantages pr830 gold tialn+tin pr1230 blackish red megacoat pr1525 blackish red megacoat nano pr1025 reddish gray ticn pr1225 blackish red megacoat · superior wear and oxidation-resistant megacoat on micro-grain carbide substrate ·

insert grades a grades carbide carbide due to its superior mechanical features carbide is used in a variety of applications kyocera produces a variety of carbides including kw10 for non-ferrous materials and micro-grain carbides for precision cutting features • • • • tough and hard good thermal conductivity suitable for cutting non-ferrous metals and non-metals stable cutting at low cutting speeds including milling operations features of carbide material n non-ferrous materials s heat-resistant alloys main component description color kw10 gray wc+co · iso identification symbol k carbide k10 relevant · application stable cutting of cast iron non-ferrous materials non-metals and titanium alloys gw15 gray wc+co · iso identification symbol k carbide equivalent to k10 tough micro-grain carbide · application high wear resistance and toughness for non-ferrous materials and non-metals and titanium alloys gw25 gray wc+co · iso identification

insert grades cbn kyocera cbn is second only to diamond in hardness cbn cubic boron nitride is a synthetically produced material with high thermal conductivity which provides stable cutting features • superior wear resistance when cutting hardened materials • suitable for high speed cutting of cast iron and sintered steel • high thermal conductivity provides stable cutting features of cbn material grain description color av size μm 2 28 1,000 · excellent wear resistance and crack resistance non-coated cbn · application finishing and continuous cutting of hardened die steel kbn525 black 1 and under 25 1,250 ·g  ood balance of toughness and wear resistance non-coated cbn ·a  pplication general grade for hardened steel high stability at high speed and high feed cutting kbn05m blackish red 0.5-1.5 27 1,000 · heat-resistant megacoat on highly heat-resistant cbn substrate · application high speed finishing of hardened steel kbn10m blackish red 2

insert grades pcd kpd230 2-30 · superior abrasive wear resistance and toughness due to high density pcd with mixed rough and fine grains · application high speed milling of aluminum alloys non-ferrous metals plastics and fiberglass � applications non-ferrous materials aluminum non-ferrous metals non-metals workpiece material cutting range finishing classification n01 n10 n20 pcd roughing finishing n30 s01 roughing s10 s20 s30 kpd230 low � wear resistance � high � surface finish roughness comparison of aluminum cutting kpd230 2 excellent surface finish provided by super micro-grain kpd001 kpd001 av grain size 0.5μm 1.5 kpd010 ra 1 (μm) continuous light int interruption � � � finishing � fracture resistance � roughing hjnprt kpd001 kpd010 kpd010 � application map g difficult-to-cut materials titanium titanium alloys kpd001 turning milling f index · good wear resistance and toughness good grindability ·

grade properties cermet ticn tn60 gray tn90 6.0 2,100 15.2 9.0 2,500 6.5 1,700 16.7 7.0 2,000 6.4 1,500 14.7 10.0 2,500 ticn+nbc 6.6 1,600 15.7 9.0 1,760 gray ticn+nbc 6.4 1,450 14.2 10.0 1,960 tn100m gray ticn+nbc 6.7 1,520 14.9 10.5 1,860 tc40 gray tic+tin 6.0 1,650 16.2 9.0 1,570 tc60 gray nbc 8.1 1,500 14.7 10.5 1,670 gold megacoat nano thin coating 6.6 1,750 17.2 6.0 2,100 pvd coated cermet pv710 pv720 gold megacoat nano thin coating 6.9 1,550 15.2 9.0 2,500 pv7005 blackish red megacoat thin coating 6.0 1,650 16.2 8.5 1,470 pv7010 blackish red megacoat thin coating 6.5 1,700 16.7 7.0 2,000 pv7025 blackish red megacoat thin coating 6.4 1,500 14.7 10.0 2,500 pv7040 blackish red megacoat thin coating 6.0 1,650 16.2 9.0 1,570 pv7020 gold tialn+tin thin coating 6.4 1,500 14.7 10.0 2,500 pv90 gold tin thin coating 6.4 1,450 14.2 10.0 1,960 cvd coated carbide ca420m gold micro columnar ticn+al2o3+tin thick coating 14.5 1,600 15.8 13.0 3,400 ca4010 gold columnar ticn+al2o3+tin

insert grades � insert material selection table grades cutting range turning finishing roughing small tools finishing roughing boring bore dia large small general cut-off cutting dia large small dia cut-off small depends on workpiece material grooving glossy finish threading stable glossy finish stable p m steel stainless steel k n drilling toughness finishing roughing s non-ferrous heat-resistant metals alloys nodular cast iron kbn475 kbn60m ka30 pv7005 ca5505 ca4505 ca4515 tn60 pv7005 ca5505 ca4505 ca4515 kpd001 kpd010 pdl025 kw10 ca4505 ca4515 kw10 ca4505 ca4515 kw10 kpd001 kpd010 kw10 ca6515 pr1125 pr1225 kpd001 kpd010 kw10 kbn475 kbn60m pv7005 ca4505 ca4515 kw10 pv7005 ca4505 ca4515 kw10 kpd001 kpd010 pdl025 kw10 ca6515 ca6525 pr1125 pr1225 kpd001 kpd010 kw10 sw05 kw10 pr1215 kw10 pr1215 pdl025 kw10 kw10 pr1225 pr660 kw10 kw10 kw10 pdl025 kw10 kw10 pr1025 pr1225 kw10 pr905 pr1215 kw10 gw15 pr905 pr1215 kw10 gw15 kpd001 pdl025 kw10 gw15 pr915 kw10 pr1215 pr1225 kpd001 kw10