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turning summary goose-neck toolholder for swiss tool automatic lathe gang edge tool post � s  wiss tool automatic lathe guide bush system the goose-neck holder works with automatic lathes that do not move toolholders in longitudinal direction z-axis � w  hen using a conventional toolholder bar material workpiece z-axis direction movement of workpiece x-axis direction e small tools guide bush tool position is fixed and workpiece moves longitudinally toolholder motion short distance close to guide bush � p  roblems when using a conventional toolholder problems when machining with a conventional toolholder toolholder installation problems when using a conventional toolholder case 1 at multiple passes when the bar material returns into guide bush the burr contacts and breaks the guide bush case 2 the workpiece burr contacts guide bush and causes dimensional variation case 3 chips may come into guide bush when bar material returns into guide bush after roughing 1 additional space is required for an adapter 2 toolholder s handling is difficult due to limited space 3 it is necessary to buy an adapter 4 an adapter may interfere with the next toolpost adapter tool post case 4 bar material gets out of control of guide bush and unable to continue cutting e4 800.823.7284 visit us online at kyoceraprecisiontools.com