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copper and copper alloy wire material copper and copper alloy wire materials steel sheet and strip for welded gas cylinders for high temperature service coated carbides turning tool turning cut off 2016 by kyocera precision tools carbon tool steel pre set tools hot rolled steel sheet cold rolled steel bar seamless carbon steel pipe carbon steel pipe carbon steel pipe 2 6 8 alloy steel pipes alloy steel pipe seamless steel pipe stainless steel pipe stainless steel pipes stainless steel 8 pipe 8 stainless steel pipe stainless steel pipe 2 seamless steel pipes cast pipe carbon steel rod and bar cold rolled steel cold roll steel cold roll steel bar used carbon steel pipe specific cutting force rolled steel plate stainless steel bar stainless steel bars high pressure stainless steel pipe heat resistant stainless steel soft roll stainless steel steel pipe cutting machine carbon steel rod and bar stainless steel pipe list stainless steel plate stainless steel plates used steel pipe unit conversion table low carbon steel light gauge steel structure high pressure gas rod and bar light gauge steel specific cutting resistance at at turning machine tools sandvik groove turning kyocera cutting tools pcd turning insert carbide insert turning turning milling turn mill

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heat treatment and hardness expression � heat treatment one of the ways to determine the hardness of steel is the heat treatment and it is classified to 3 types heat treatment x mp 4 � annealing � quenching tempering after heating to over 727°c cool rapidly down to 550°c in water or oil quenching makes steel hard because it cools down red-hot steel very rapidly in water or oil but it may promote internal stress in order to remove such internal stress tempering is used after cooled down once reheat it to 200°c~600°c � normalizing after heating to over 727°c cool down rapidly to 600°c and then to normal temperature it miniaturizes the crystals steel is also composed of small cells it is used to improve the mechanical character or machinability after heating to over 727°c cool down very slowly to 600°c then to normal temperature it miniaturizes the crystals like the process of normalizing but the crystal size is bigger than that of

material cross reference chart � steel usa aisi sae nickel chromium molybdenum steel japan jis china gb uk bs snc236 nickel chromium steel class germany din france nf 36nicr6 snc415 12crni2 14nicr10 snc631 30crni3 36nicr10 snc815 12cr2ni4 snc836 37crni3 8615 8617 8620 8622 sncm220 20crnimo 8637 8640 sncm240 655m13 russia ГОСТ 40ХН 30ХН3А 15nicr13 31nicr14 805a20 805m20 805a22 805m22 20nicrmo2 20nicrmos2 20ncd 2 40nicrmo2-2 sncm415 4320 sncm420 18crnimnmoa sncm431 4340 sncm439 20ХН2М 20ХhМ 17nicrmo6-4 30crnimo8 40crnimoa 40nicrmo6 sncm447 34crnimo6 sncm616 sncm625 sncm630 chromium steel sncm815 scr415 15cr 15cra 5120 scr420 20cr 5130 5132 scr430 30cr 34cr4 34crs4 34cr4 34crs4 34cr4 34crs4 30Х 5132 scr435 35cr 37cr4 37crs4 37cr4 37crs4 37cr4 37crs4 35Х 5140 scr440 40cr 530m40 41cr4 41crs4 41cr4 41crs4 41cr4 41crs4 40Х scr445 45cr 50cr scm415 15crmo 15crmo4 scm418 20crmo 18crmo4 18crmos4 20ХМ 20crmo5 20ХМ chromium

material cross reference chart � steel 405s17 x6cral13 z8ca12 sus 410l 00cr12 s42900 429 s43000 430 sus 430 1cr17 s43020 430f sus 430f y1cr17 s43035 z3c14 sus 429 430s17 x6cr17 z8c17 x7crmos18 z8cf17 sus 430lx x6crti17 z4ct17 sus 430j1l x6crnb17 z4cnb17 x6crmo17 1 z8cd17-01 s43400 434 sus 434 s43600 436 sus 436l s44400 444 1cr17mo 434s17 s44627 stainless steel s40300 403 sus 444 z3cdt18-02 sus 447j1 00cr30mo2 sus xm27 00cr27mo sus 403 1cr12 1cr13 s41000 410 sus 410 s41008 410s sus 410s cdefghjnprt 12Х17 sus 436j1l s44700 b index 0cr13al 0cr13 technical sus 405 spare parts 405 a hsk tooling s40500 russia ГОСТ threading france nf cut-off germany din grooving uk bs boring china gb small tools japan jis toolholders aisi cbn pcd uns inserts usa grades class z1cd26-01 410s21 x10cr13 z13c13 403s17 x6cr13 z8c12 08Х13 sus 410f2 s41025 sus 410j1 1cr13mo 1cr12mo x12crs13 s41600 416 sus 416 y1cr13 416s21 z11cf13 s42000 420 sus 420j1 2cr13 420s29 x20cr13 z20c13 20Х13

material cross reference chart � cast iron no.35 fc200 no.45 fc250 no.50 no.60 gray cast iron nodular cast iron fgl150 СУ15 ht200 200 gg20 fgl200 СУ20 ht250 250 gg25 fgl250 СУ25 fc300 ht300 300 gg30 fgl300 СУ30 fc350 ht350 350 gg35 fgl350 СУ35 gg40 fgl400 СУ40 ggg40 fgs370-17 ВУ40 fgs400-12 ВУ45 60-40-18 fcd400 qt400-18 400/17 65-45-12 fcd450 qt450-10 420/12 70-50-05 fcd500 qt500-7 500/7 ggg50 fgs500-7 ВУ50 80-60-03 fcd600 qt600-3 600/7 ggg60 fgs600-2 ВУ60 100-70-03 fcd700 qt700-2 700/2 ggg70 fgs700-2 ВУ70 120-90-02 fcd800 qt800-2 800/2 ggg80 fgs800-2 ВУ80 qt900-2 900/2 usa aisi sae japan jis 1199 china gb uk bs ВУ100 germany din france nf a199.99r a99 1a97 a199.98r a97 aluminum alloy a1080 1a80 10801a a199.90 1080a a8 a1050 1a50 10501b a199.50 1050a a5 5052 a5052 5a02 ns4 almg2.5 5052 amg 5a03 ns5 5056 a5056 5a05 nb6 5456 a5556 5a30 ng61 2036 a2117 2a01 a2017 2a11 a2024 2a12 aluminum alloy

insert grades cross reference � cermet turning classification k cast iron m stainless steel p steel class ‌• this table is kyocera´s own estimation based on publications and is not authorized by companies mentioned in it kyocera dijet hitachi mitsubishi ntk sandvik seco sumitomo tungaloy kennametal iscar p01 tn610 tn6010 pv710 pv7010 ln10 cx50 ch350 ap25n vp25n nx1010 t3n t15 q15 t110a t1000a ns520 gt530 gt720 j530 kt1120 kt125 htx ic20n ic520n p10 tn610 tn6010 tn620 tn6020 pv710 pv7010 pv720 pv7025 ln10 cx50 cx75 nit px75 ch350 cz25 nx2525 ap25n vp25n t15 c7z z15 ct5015 ct525 tp1020 cm cmp t1500z t2000z t1200a t1500a ns9530 ns520 gt9530 gt530 gt730 kt315 kt175 ht2 ic20n ic520n ic530n ic75t p20 tn620 tn90 tn6020 pv720 pv7025 cx50 cx75 cx90 nat px90 ch550 ch7030 cz1025 cz25 mp3025 nx2525 nx3035 ap25n vp45n t15 c7x c7z ct525 ct530 gc1525 tp1020 c15m tp1030 t1200a t1500a t1500z t2000z t3000z ns9530 ns530/730 gt9530 gt530/730 ps5 kt5020 ic20n ic520n ic530n ic75t

chipbreaker cross reference carbon steel alloy steel 01 pf xf ff1 si fc pf 11 uf fp pf sm asf jq acb ft je lp am mv am3 yl pm xm f1 mf2 su ps lf 14 medium gk j mp standard qd cl pr f2 sc pm mf mp standard stainless steel fp fv smg finishing mq mp fm fv sv mf lu pf psf fw fp mw wf non-ferrous metals ck gf gq sk finishing medium ah alu az al al ag aw al hp af as finishing finishing medium � cera-notch conversion chart insert style kyocera horizon tool-flo kennametal rtw valenite sandvik mitsubishi abcdefghjnpr index az7 amx zr iscar technical kennametal spare parts tungaloy hsk tooling sumitomo threading seco cut-off sandvik grooving ntk boring cf mitsubishi small tools hitachi toolholders dijet cbn pcd minute d.o.c kyocera inserts cutting range grades � positive inserts for small parts machining t notch style grooving insert face grooving kcfp hf flf nf tlf ef id/od grooving kcg/kcgp hg flg ng pg vlg tlg eg id/od with chipbreaker kcgp my hg rk-lk flg cb ng

terms and angles of toolholder � toolholder rigidity e young ratio n/mm2  “ “ ap depth of cut mm “&“π“  “ l “ bq “ g “ f feed rate mm/rev  “&“π“  2 specific cutting force n/mm over hang mm f cutting force n f k × ap × f $mbnq4dsfx $vuujoh psdf shank dia mm e young ratio n/mm2 ap depth of cut mm f feed rate mm/rev k specific cutting force n/mm2 l over hang mm f cutting force n f k × ap × f k l d -pbe 5ifgmfyvsbmtusfohuipguppmipmefsxjmmefdsfbtfczjodsfbtjohpgtibolifjhiucz uijsesppuboexjmmefdsfbtfpgsfevdjohpwfsibohczuijsesppu .jojnj[johuppmipmefstibolpwfsibohbtnvdibtqpttjcmfjtjnqpsubou btxfmmbttibolttfdujpobmtrvbsfnfbtvsf 800.823.7284 visit us online at kyoceraprecisiontools.com 4vqqpsujoh1pjou 0wfsiboh 4mffwf npvoupg %jtqmbdfnfou bcdefghjnpr index  technical  a spare parts mm mm hsk tooling mm shank height unit threading 0wfsiboh shank width

basic formulas metric � t  urning vc � x dm x n 1000 n Ødm � c  utting speed vc cutting speed [m/min dm workpiece diameter [mm l n spindle revolution [min-1 � p  ower requirement pc ks x vc x ap x f 6120 x � low carbon steel 190 medium carbon steel 210 vc cutting speed [m/min high carbon steel 240 ap depth of cut [mm low alloy steel 190 high alloy steel 245 php power requirement horse power [hp php ks x vc x ap x f 4500 x � ks figure pc power requirement [kw f feed rate [mm/rev cast iron 93 ks specific cutting resistance [kgf/mm-2 malleable cast iron 120 � mechanical efficiency 0.7 0.8 bronze brass 70 � s  urface roughness rz=h theoretical surface roughness [�m f feed rate [mm/rev rr� corner radius of insert [mm rzh f2 x 1000 8 x rr� � rz=h f rr � c  hip removal volume q vc x ap x f q chip removal volume [cm3/min vc cutting speed [m/min ap depth of cut [mm f feed rate [mm/rev � e  dge

automatic lathe list by manufacturer � citizen machinery cincom products model toolholder dimensions number toolholder dimensions number sleeve diameter number gang-type of tools turret-type of tools horizontal opposed of tools technical notes a12 a16 10×10×100 5 Ø19.05 Ø20 Ø12 Ø16 a20 1213×1213×120 cut-off toolholder �16mm 6 Ø25.4 Ø20 a20 vii 1213×1213×120 cut-off toolholder �16mm 6 Ø25.4 Ø20 a32 16×16×150 6 Ø25.4 Ø32 b12 10×10×100 5 Ø19.05 Ø20 Ø12 b12e b16e 10×10×12060 5 Ø19.05Ø20op Ø12 Ø16 b20 1213×1213×120 6 Ø19.05 Ø20 Ø20 bl12 10×10×60~120 5 Ø20Ø19.05 Ø12 bl20 25 1213×1213×120 4~7 Ø20Ø19.05 Ø20 Ø25 c12 16 10×10×120 6 Ø19.05 Ø12 Ø16 c32 16×16×130 5 Ø25.4 Ø32 e16 10×10×60 20 Ø19.05 Ø16 e20 16×16×90 20

automatic lathe list by manufacturer � tsugami 9 Ø20 Ø20 4/4 Ø20 b0204/205/206-iii 12×12×85 9 Ø20 Ø20 4/4 Ø20 b020m-ii Ø20 1 Ø20 b0265/265b/266-ii 16×16×100 12 Ø25 Ø25 5/4 Ø26 b0325/325b/326-ii 16×16×100 12 Ø25 Ø25 5/4 Ø32 b0385/385l 20×20×125 8 Ø32 Ø32 3/5 Ø38 4 Ø7 b038t b073/074-ii 8×8×85 9 bh20/bh20z 12×12×85 4 12×12×85 st.12 Ø25 Ø32 Ø20 bh38 16×16×125 5 20×20×125 st.12 Ø25 Ø32 Ø38.1 20×20×125 st.8 Ø32 Ø25 bm163-iii 12×12×85 9 Ø20 4 Ø16 bm164/165-iii 12×12×85 9 Ø20 Ø20 4/4 Ø16 c150/ch154 12×12×60~100 4~6 Ø80 c180 12×12×60~100 4~6 Ø120 c220/220t 12×12×60~100 6~8 Ø120 c300-iv 16×16×100~130 6~10 Ø165 c300h 16×16×100~130 6~10 p013 8×8×100~120 6 Ø165 3 Ø1 p013-ii

parts compatibility of lever lock toolholders � parts compatibility of lever lock toolholders 1 for better usability of lever lock toolholders some levers lock screws and shims are modified 2 it is highly recommended to use only new parts however they are compatible with conventional parts and can be used together with them 3 it is possible to use new parts only with a toolholder which has been in use 4 when purchasing replacements order them stating the new numbers 5 some of the shims remain unmodified spare parts category ref page pcln§ pdjn§ psbn§ pskn§ external toolholders pssn§ psdnn ptgn§ ptfn§ prgc§ prxc§ prgn§ r38 turning mill technical boring bars pwln§ r lever toolholder description �16m�20q�25r············s25rs32ss40t�16m�20q�25r····t63ht63ht63ht63ht63ht63h pcln§ pcln§ pdun§ ptun§ ptun§ pwln§ pwln§ pcln§ pcmnn pdjn§ pdnnn ptgn§