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basic formulas inch � e  xternal threading � internal threading j hsk tooling n spare parts p technical r index pmm 25.4 dia diameter of the workpiece inches loc length of cut inches doc depth of cut inches q metal removal rate cubic inches per minute eff machine efficiency rpm revolutions per minute f feedrate see ipm and ipr sfm surface speed feet per minute hpm horsepower required at the motor t time in seconds hps horsepower required at the spindle tchip max maximum recommended chip thickness inches ipm feedrate inches per minute uhp unit horsepower factor ipr feedrate inches per revolution 1 lead angle visit us online at kyoceraprecisiontools.com threading ipr � d  efinition of terms 800.823.7284 h t metric threads ic insert inscribed circle inches g cut-off ipm ipr × rpm f grooving standard threads 1 ipr tpi e boring feedrate inches/minute 60 × loc × no of passes ipr × rpm d small tools rpm 3.820 × sfm dia t c toolholders feedrate b cbn pcd revolutions per minute sfm 0.262 × dia × rpm inserts time in cut seconds grades surface speed per minute a r27