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murciélago at lamborghini london and lamborghini

murciélago at lamborghini london and lamborghini manchester the name murciélago comes from a spanish fighting bull whose life was spared after a particularly fierce performance fighting a matador in 1879 he was subsequently presented to the breeder don antonio miura and went on to father a formidable line of fighting bulls that extends down to the present day true to automobili lamborghini tradition the murciélago has been baptised with the name of a fighting bull continuing a succession of names linked to the world of the

murciélago coupé murciélago upholds the definitive styling and individuality for which the lamborghini marque is renowned together with unprecedented engineering innovations the steel and carbon fibre body has been specifically designed and built to enhance the outstanding v12 6.2-litre aluminium engine and is complemented by a sophisticated interior created as the ultimate performance car with an output of 570 bhp and a top speed in excess of 200 mph the lamborghini murciélago exudes dynamism elegance and power a muscular shape and gull-wing doors characterise the murciélago’s distinctive appearance and with no element of finish or refinement conceded this supercar is unmistakably

murciélago e-gear providing an alternative to the manual e-gear offers a choice of modes normal for gear system the lamborghini murciélago is standard driving sport for dynamic driving available as an e-gear option this replaces and faster gear shifts and low adherence the traditional gear change with a sequential for safer driving in adverse conditions paddle-shift system giving a new dimension to driving the murciélago e-gear gives the same exceptional acceleration and top speed as controlled by sophisticated software specially the manual version providing an outstanding developed for the murciélago the e-gear drive of definitive power and speed without system receives inputs from sensors on compromise on control and safety the clutch and gearbox and the engine management and traction control systems the electronic control system optimises gearshifts according to driving conditions and style ensuring precise fast

murciélago features vacs variable airflow cooling system – automatically adjusts rear-mounted air intake apertures to maximise cooling and murciélago roadster aerodynamic efficiency the lamborghini murciélago roadster the roadster harnesses all of the power as a roadster this car is designed to provide continues the marque’s 12-cylinder roadster and speed of the coupe and delivers the the ultimate open-top drive – but if the tradition with a refined style and vigour same exceptional level of handling and weather takes a turn for the worse before you the murciélago roadster is characterised safety features to ensure adequate reach your destination there is the option of by a true muscularity that interacts with torsional stiffness without the roof structural temporarily attaching a soft roof its aggressive lines chassis components have been redesigned vis variable geometry intake system vvt variable valve timing dbw drive by wire – vis vvt and

specification chassis frame/body carbon and steel alloy tubular frame with carbon fibre and steel body suspension independent front and rear double wishbones with electronically adjustable suspension and anti-dive and anti-squat system brakes disc brakes on two hydraulic circuits abs and drp dynamic rear proportioning wheels front/rear aluminium alloy 8.5”/13”x Ø 18 tyres front/rear 245/35 zr 18 – 335/30 zr 18 engine type/displacement 12 cylinders v60°/6192 cc maximum power 426 kw 580bhp at 7500 rpm maximum torque 650 nm at 5400 rpm drivetrain transmission type permanent 4-wheel drive with viscous traction system gearbox manual 6-speed and reverse e-gear option performance top speed in excess of 330km/h 200 mph acceleration 0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds 0-62 mph in 3.8 seconds dimensions length overall 4580 mm width overall 2045

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