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materials/performance rod materials 3mtm powerluxtm composites used in lamiglas si bug slinger infinity bass and infinity fly 3mtm powerluxtm composites feature a revolutionary technology that contains nano-sized spheres of silica so small they are able to flow between individual filaments of carbon fiber creating a matrix of strength throughout the entire composite the resulting material enables designers to develop rods that are not only incredibly strong and durable but also lighter in weight and more sensitive prolong the life and performance of your lamiglas rod lamiglas fishing rods are built with the finest materials available and constructed to exacting standards our expectations of every rod are as high as those anglers who fish with them with some common sense and careful handling your lamiglas rod will offer a lifetime of exceptional experiences line ratings the individual characteristics built into each and every lamiglas rod highlight the rods intended use as a part of

salmon/steelhead g1000 series salmon/steelhead g1000 rods return to their classic polished blank finish for 2013 beauty aside performance is where the g1000 series shines lamiglas g1000 series earned their place in angling history by providing high-quality american-made fishing tools at an honest value most are highlighted with technique and territorial names like hot shot magnum salmon moocher and back bouncer but please don t assume these are the sole application in which these rods excel our herring rod is an exceptional big bobber rod the hot shot magnum fishes divers and bait with result-generating perfection and the kenai rods knock the fins off salmon wherever they swim g1000 rods are purebred workhorses accepting the challenges of demanding fish and techniques and responding with a power form and function for a lifetime of heavy use new features include deep pressed guides and blank-thru reel seats on drift fishing models 1 2 3 over 60 years of sensitivity training and they re

salmon/steelhead x-11 salmon/steelhead 2013 these rods are sophisticated tools exhibiting astonishing sensitivity and control with highly focused affordability we ve selected deep press chrome guides constructed of stainless steel the combination of their deep pressed ring design and finish allows these guides to hold up to the most rigorous of fishing conditions exposed reel seats provide additional sensitivity and feel while the glossy merlot color im graphite blanks are strikingly beautiful 1 2 casting lgth pcs lure wt line wt hndl action type fly rods new for even at 9-feet in length the learning curve is extremely short searching for perfection look no further than lamiglas we ve gone to extensive lengths to design the perfect marriage of brawn and brains all the attributes you desire are here and ready to join you wherever your adventures are headed suit your casting style and fishing conditions perfectly with our wide range of rod actions each and every lamiglas fly rod is a

freshwater/bass/walleye freshwater/bass/walleye infinity bass 2013 high technology combines with 60 years of lamiglas experience infinity bass rods feature 3mtm powerluxtm resins this revolutionary technology features 3m s unique ability to formulate highly concentrated uniformly dispersed silica nanoparticles infinity graphite composite blanks made with powerlux resins can achieve incredible strength durability and sensitivity while enabling the lightest weight designs the powerlux composite material contains an astonishing 40 percent of nanoparticles uniformly dispersed and densely packed throughout the resin combined with deep pressed titanium guides fuji reel seats and counterbalanced woven graphite handles the new infinity series sets a higher standard 1 2 casting lgth pcs lure wt line wt hndl action power new for the perfect rod for your grandson to pass down to his son for many young anglers dad s collection of lamiglas rods are regarded in the same circles as his ping irons

saltwater saltwater sick of missing strikes take two of these and you ll be feeling better in no time precise and powerful the premium materials and actions of lamiglas saltwater rods maximize every opportunity from black fin to blue fin stripers to sailfish amberjack to albacore a lamiglas rod is the right choice sensitive and responsive you ll feel every head shake counter every evasive move and rejoice in the victory of hard-fought battles with five uniquely different saltwater rod series to choose from starting around $184 it s smart money as well from the allaround versatility of lamiglas tri-flex models to the perfectionist qualities of our new black salt custom rods the right rod is right here to allow you to execute your saltwater passions like a professional tri-flex graphite saltwater · tri-flex graphite inshore · black salt · excel inshore · big fish black salt 2013 redfish beware speckled trout take cover tarpon swim and hide lamiglas new black salt rods are ready for

surf graphite surf jetty surf always judge a rod by its maker lamiglas has been building handmade graphite fiberglass and composite surf fishing rods in america for 60 years and while we may be located in the finest salmon and steelhead territory on earth surf fishing has been a mainstay of our business since the beginning when you ve been dedicated to a trade as long as we have you become masters of the craft the process of building the perfect rod isn t so much about knowing how that s a given it s about knowing the exact characteristics anglers require to maximize their success researching testing prototyping and actually stepping out into the sand is the difference between a surf rod and a lamiglas surf rod infinity surf · ron arra pro surf · tri-flex graphite surf graphite surf jetty · surf king series new for pick any beach any pier any jetty anywhere around the world and chances are there are fish to be caught if you have the right equipment these super-durable graphite

lamiglas clothing hooded sweatshirt 80/20 cotton/poly heavyweight hooded sweatshirt black w/white logo navy w/white logo m-xl $32.00 xxl $40.00 xxxl $43.00 drift boat oars drift boat owners can now experience the power and performance of lamiglas even when they re not fishing more than 60 years of technical expertise in designing the finest fishing rods has expanded to produce the first line of quality drift boat oars with a level of perfection that s well perfect comfortable lightweight and powerful lamiglas graphite oars are available in the right styles and lengths to match the waters you row most complete counterbalanced oars shaft and handle or shaft-only models are available limited lifetime warranty lamiglas rods are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser unless otherwise stated this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the rod and does not cover consequential damages due to the failure of the rod unless

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