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materials/performance rod materials 3mtm powerluxtm composites used in lamiglas si bug slinger infinity bass and infinity fly 3mtm powerluxtm composites feature a revolutionary technology that contains nano-sized spheres of silica so small they are able to flow between individual filaments of carbon fiber creating a matrix of strength throughout the entire composite the resulting material enables designers to develop rods that are not only incredibly strong and durable but also lighter in weight and more sensitive prolong the life and performance of your lamiglas rod lamiglas fishing rods are built with the finest materials available and constructed to exacting standards our expectations of every rod are as high as those anglers who fish with them with some common sense and careful handling your lamiglas rod will offer a lifetime of exceptional experiences line ratings the individual characteristics built into each and every lamiglas rod highlight the rods intended use as a part of that the strength and flex of the blank is balanced to the recommended line ratings a lamiglas rod is rated so that when the rod is held at a 45-degree angle or less line within the rating will break before the rod does angles greater than 45-degrees transfer undue stress to the tip section of the rod practically eliminating the ability of the stronger butt section to carry any load and in extreme cases can result in rod failure with as little as 2 pounds of directed pressure it is not only proper use that requires a rod angle of 45-degrees or less but this is also the area where you ll find the greatest power from the rod and best control over the fish xmg 50 graphite the newest super graphite this super graphite allows us to make smaller-diameter blanks with faster actions the xmg 50 utilizes a blend of high-modulus graphite fibers to create a perfectly balanced lightweight blank that is more responsive and more sensitive than anything on the market today certified pro graphite remarkably lighter and stronger the certified pro series employ an all-new smaller-diameter blank design with an improved resin system to produce a 15 percent lighter-weight rod than comparable graphites on the market g1000 graphite a lamiglas exclusive this is our most distinguished and versatile material we employ first generation graphite coupled with a special resin formula to reduce overall weight while maintaining exceptional flexibility photo by ryley fee lure ratings lure ratings provide a range of lure weights in which optimum performance is achieved using a lure that is lighter than the listed weight will not properly load the rod casting distance and sensitivity will suffer using a lure that is heavier than the listed weight will overpower the rod again distance and sensitivity will suffer along with the compounded problem of overstressing the blank fibers fiberglass e-glass earned its place in history this material is structurally the most durable of the fiberglass family the glass properties are expressly matched to each unique application we use the same epoxy resins and technology in these rods as we do in our graphite rods to offer you lighter weight and improved sensitivity out cast out troll out last out catch nearly 100 new rods component upgrades and cosmetic enhancements highlight the line-up for 2013 including several entirely new series which technology has only recently enabled their existence the new lamiglas si bug slinger infinity bass and infinity fly series are modern marvels in they re own right lamiglas has mastered the use of 3mtm powerluxtm resin to improve strength and reduce significant weight the powerluxtm revolution ­ lamiglas style 3m company s powerluxtm composites feature a revolutionary technology that transforms how carbon fiber materials perform this breakthrough is enabled by 3m s unique ability to formulate resin systems with high concentrations of spherical nano-sized silica particles because the particles are so small they are able to flow between individual filaments of carbon fiber providing a dense matrix of strength throughout the entire composite the resulting material enables lamiglas rods designers to develop rods that are not only incredibly strong and durable but also lighter in weight and more sensitive standard composite materials have lower resin stiffness and are prone to cracking or buckling under the stresses a rod sees during a good day of fishing the more nanoparticles the resin contains the higher the crack resistance and overall rod toughness the powerluxtm composite material contains an astonishing 40 percent of nanoparticles uniformly dispersed and densely packed throughout the resin while other companies have reported adding nano technology to their composite materials none have been successful at adding more than single-digit percentages carbon nano tubes for example have a high length-to-width ratio of 15:1 so they are not able to disperse uniformly throughout the carbon fibers as shown in fig 3 3mtm powerluxtm is truly a game changer that bends the rules of carbon fiber composites the tiny spherical nanoparticles create such a strong bond between the carbon fibers that rod stress is more evenly dissipated leading to a significantly stronger more durable and more flexible rod by improving strength and sensitivity lamiglas rods with 3mtm powerluxtm gives you performance when it counts inch for inch dollar for dollar component for component you ll love the way these new and proven lamiglas rods will out-perform all other models in their class it s a statement we can boldly make because we confident of the outcome 3mtm powerluxtm reel installation and removal prior to reel installation lubricate the reel foot and the threads of the reel seat insert the reel and tighten the lock-nut finger tight shake the reel side-to-side and tighten again repeat the process until the reel no longer moves graphite reel seats should never be over-tightened and pliers should never be used in the process over extended periods the reel seat hood may seize to the reel foot slowly loosen the reel nut if it starts to seize tap the hood this will break loose the deposits that have built up over time continue to loosen the nut if you do not tap the hood loose you may separate the hood from the nut tri-flex exclusive graphite/fiberglass construction a graphite base and fiberglass overwrap is reinforced with graphite through the butt and mid sections you get the best of both worlds we refer to this as tri-wall construction the tips are lightning fast and softer so they cast live bait as well as throw heavy iron while the graphite reinforced portion of the rod gives tremendous fish-fighting control and lifting power transportation the key to rod transportation is eliminating sharp impact to the blank the best place for a rod to travel is inside a protective tube if not carried in a tube the rods should not be left to bounce against other rods or terminal rigging weights heavy swivels lures etc at vehicle travel speed sharp impacts from these items can fracture the rod blanks the best way to transport multi-piece rods is with rubber bands holding the sections together always affix the sections tip-to-tip and butt-to-butt this keeps the delicate tip from being crushed against the uneven and much larger handle also do not use hair bands with a metal connecting clip on rods as the metal clip can scratch or worse fracture the blank new series for 2013 new salmon/steelhead rods si steelhead series x-11 salmon steelhead new freshwater/bass rods x-11 freshwater infinity bass pro x bass competitor tour spin cast new fly rods bug slinger infinity si fly x-ll fly action we make it happen action is the measurement of deflection or flex the rod exhibits under load and more importantly where that flex occurs along the length of the blank extra fast actions concentrate more of the flex towards the tip slow actions distribute the flex progressively throughout the entire blank lamiglas rod actions are dictated by a variety of factors the intended application targeted prey lure weight and line weight new saltwater/surf rods black salt excel inshore infinity surf storage store rods in either the vertical or horizontal position if leaned in a corner a set or bow in the rod can occur over time never leave your rods where critters can get to them scents salt from perspiration and other biologic contaminates are a sure-fire attraction to undesirables we ll gladly be held accountable for our actions assures you made the right choice length model number power how much do you need applicable to our salmon steelhead saltwater and bass rods power is defined by the amount of pressure required to flex the blank these rods are designed to optimally manage a specific range of lure and line weights the heavier the line and lure the more power you ll need to cast fight and pull effectively the lighter the line and lure the less power you ll need cleaning the rod blank the best cleaner we have found for cleaning the blank and handle is a mixture of one part isopropyl alcohol and four parts warm water along with a good dose of liquid dish soap using a soft sponge scrub the blank and handle then rinse dabbing problem areas with the soap mix for a few minutes before scrubbing can soften heavy build-up once you have the rod clean a coat of wax will simplify the maintenance of a beautiful finish we recommend any of the carnuba based car waxes fish scales and many types of bait will not stick to a waxed rod and it makes cleaning a snap if you are fishing everyday a coat of wax every other week should suffice action power type defined s c t ll ul l m h xh j p b po cp tn w spinning rod casting rod trigger extra light ultra light light medium heavy extra heavy jig plug bouncer telescopic handle power oval guides centre pin tennessee handle wire line guides line weight lure weight weight lose as much as possible a rod that feels heavier each time you cast eventually slows you down the type and amount of material used contributes greatest to this factor lamiglas selects the lightest material and components for the job but we resist the temptation to go too light we design rods that will cast for a lifetime without ever leaving your arms lifeless to select the right lamiglas rod pay close attention to the details we do carbon nano tubes surprisingly there is no consistent scientific methodology that all rod manufacturers use to rate their rods some use computers others use complex graphs we use fish along with more than 60 years of experience each rating is a collective recommendation of the hi-low thresholds in which the rod is designed to optimize performance the variable factors for each rod lure weight line weight action and power are clearly listed throughout this catalog as well as labeled on the rods just above the handle not all factors are appropriate for all rods for example fly rods will not list a lure weight cleaning guides and reel seats as strange as it may sound the use of a toothbrush and toothpaste will remove the stubborn deposits on rod guides and reel seats after cleaning the reel seats coat with any light oil this method works on all reel seats taper here s the skinny the measurement of the change in the diameter of the blank from tip to butt is known as taper many use the term synonymously with action but actually taper is one of the factors which rod builders use to achieve the desired action an aggressive taper at the tip creates a faster action a straight taper one which changes at an equal rate throughout the blank creates a moderate or slower action 2 fish with confidence fish with confidence 3