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si series eight ultra-sensitive precision graphite rods featuring titanium k-frame fuji guides the si series is designed to offer the lightest and most sensitive feel while still retaining a high level of strength and properly matched backbone fuji sk2 reel seats are fit into a custom handle built to provide telegraphic feel balance and leverage on fish uncoated gray graphite blanks look striking with modern components american-made from blank to finished rod with the highest level of care backed by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer s defect so that you never have to worry about a defective rod rod blank length pcs lure wt line wt hndl action power use msrp 7 10 1 1-5 10-25 2 mod/fast med/hvy hover/light bounce/swimbait $556 c si710mhc si941mh a powerful backbone extreme sensitivity one-piece fast-action rod built to hover bounce or cast with precision and ease s 1 5 si1082m 9 2 ⁄4 ⁄8 10-12 1 fast med drift $556 t si90mc medium power perfect balance

g1000 pro new all of the classic blank designs that made lamiglas famous now taken to a whole new level the g1000 pro is the melding of the new-school and the old-school still handmade in our american factory to our demanding standards these rods feature cork handles for familiar look and feel the reel seats are exposed on both spinning and casting models for an attractive look and light easy grip this well matched look of sanded graphite blank with the unique handle design pairs easily with nearly any reel rediscover this new series born out of our historic past rod blank length pcs lure wt line wt c a gp80mbc glb961mt s gp86mc gsh1022m t gp86mtc gsh1022mt 8 1 1 8 6 2 3 8 6 2 1 gp86mhc gsh1022mh 8 6 2 1 gp86hc gsa1022h 8 6 2 1 gp86xhc gsh1022x 8 6 2 gp90hc gsa1082h 9 gp96jc xsh1142mj hndl action power use msrp ⁄2-6 10-25 1 fast med/hvy g1000 pro bouncer $350 ⁄8-3⁄4 8-12 2 fast med medium drift casting $350 ⁄4-5⁄8 8-17 2 fast med/mag mag taper

infinity bass bass anglers will be amazed at the look feel and fishability of this high-end american-made bass rod whether you flip jigs cast spinnerbaits or need finesse sensitivity for your plastics the infinity bass lineup is the rod for the most discerning anglers infinity graphite blanks are responsible for the light feel sensitive touch and powerful backbone of the infinity bass series titanium guides allow for the lightest possible package and a modern professional look the graphite weave built into the butt allows for superior strength with a beautiful custom handle design using sk2 fuji reel seats rod c a inf723c s t inf724c inf735c s p i inf703s n blank length pcs lure wt line wt hndl action power msrp inf863 7 2 1 1 ⁄4-3⁄4 10-20 1 fast 3 $404 inf864 7 2 1 1 ⁄4-1 12-25 1 fast 4 $404 inf875 7 3 1 1 ⁄4-11⁄2 12-25 1 fast 5 $404 inf843 7 1 3 ⁄16-5⁄8 8-17 2 fast 3 $404 xp bass one of the best values ever on a premium american-made

g1000 pro freshwater all usa-made lamiglas from the classic cork handle to the lightweight construction of premium graphite these light-line fishing tools are made to fish optimally and transport easily twopiece freshwater designs with sensitive gray graphite blanks the g1000 pro freshwater series is the latest in usa-made spinning mastery rod length pcs gp662l 5 6 2 1 gp722l 6 2 1 gp782ml 6 6 2 1 gp 66 2ms gp782m 6 6 2 1 gp 70 2mls gp842ml 7 2 1 gp 70 2ms gfw842m 7 2 1 gp 76 2ms gfw902m 7 6 2 1 s gp 562 uls p i gp 60 2ls n gp 66 2mls blank lure wt line wt handle action power msrp ⁄8-1⁄2 2-8 1 mod/fast light $330 ⁄8-1⁄4 2-6 1 mod/fast light $330 ⁄8-1⁄2 4-10 1 mod/fast med/lght $330 ⁄4-3⁄4 6-12 2 mod/fast med $330 ⁄8-1⁄2 4-10 1 mod/fast med/lght $330 ⁄4-3⁄4 6-12 2 mod/fast med $330 ⁄8-5⁄8 6-12 3 mod/fast med $330 x-11 graphite freshwater highly effective but affordable series designed for trout

insane surf rod the insane surf is influenced by years of timeless surf design it comes with a modern look and high-end capabilities at an affordable price tag choose from two casting or four spinning models built on graphite blanks with red trim and xflock handles these rods have lots of power castability and hold up well to years of hard use one-year limited warranty to protect you in case of a defect c a lis10mhc s t lis11mhc length pcs lure wt line wt hndl action msrp 10 2 2-5 17-40 2 fast $192 11 2 2-6 17-40 2 fast $202 s lis9ms p i lis10ms n lis10mhs 9 2 1-3 15-25 1 fast $182 10 2 1-3 15-25 2 fast $192 10 2 2-5 17-40 2 fast $192 lis11mhs 11 2 2-6 17-40 3 fast $202

black salt an amazing american-made one-piece spinning option the black salt was initially designed to target saltwater fisheries like redfish and tarpon but has quickly been adapted by many other lake/river fisheries as well anglers are drawn to the attractive design and impressive fishability of the black salt the actions of the rods are fast but not extra-fast—perfect for most techniques with a delightful powerful bend the lighter black salt models feature an uncoated graphite for extreme sensitivity while the two heaviest models feature a gloss coating around the graphite for ultimate power and durability from the astounding light-tackle 4-10 rod to the 8-foot tarpon option the black salt series will impress from the showroom to the initial “shake,” and finally to landing that first trophy hand-crafted in america featuring a limited lifetime warranty to protect you against defect rod length pcs tlp862 7 2 1 1 tlp863 7 2 1 1 tlp864 7 2 1 3 bs725s ccb867m 7 2

rod handles si series x-11 salmon-steelhead cork 1 1 2 2 3 3 infinity salmon steelhead 4 1 5 2 6 xcc kenai kwik salmon steelhead 7 1 8 2 9 3 redline salmon-steelhead 4 5 1 2 super g salmon steelhead 3 1 4 g1000 pro salmon steelhead 5 1 6 2 classic glass 3 1 4 2 5 3 6 infinity bass x-11 salmon steelhead graphite 1 1 2 2 xp bass 3 1 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 26 2 walleye 1 2 3

kwik series blanks a composite blank that dominates in action and performance many experienced anglers know the benefits that fiberglass can add to the action of a plug or the bite on a herring with this powerhouse marriage of both fiberglass and graphite the kwik blanks offer incredible soft tip action with a powerful backbone this brings a new element to fishing that many rod manufacturers can not offer coated dark bronze finish looks elegant gloss black finish except for xcc1112h which is translucent bronze g1000 pro salmon steelhead blanks new the forging of two legendary lamiglas rod blanks now updated for a new generation the g1000 pro is an americanmade and designed fish catching machine with a time-tested range of actions the g1000 pro models are capable in the light steelhead arena as well as power-housing salmon in a fast current graphite blanks are hand built to specifications and have amazing feel and function choose from a variety of hand-built american made graphite

lamiglas american-made fishing rod blanks inshore surf saltwater certified pro surf blanks the certified pro surf blanks are designed to give the angler longer and more precise casts while easily slinging the weight required these blanks look stunning with a translucent bronze finish and they are highly durable the “load” on these rods during casts allows for ultimate distance and reacts expertly to fish graphite surf/jetty blanks a time-tested american-made classic these surf and jetty blanks have long been the surfcaster’s dream rod graphite blanks are matched perfectly to their suggested lure-ratings to allow for a rod that bends beautifully while feeling fully capable at all times this blank series likely has the most tip action of all the lamiglas surf rods but maintains a strong backbone and casts heavier baits/lures with ease the csb1261m is constructed of a tri-flex composite high gloss clear finish blank no length pcs line wt lure wt butt dia xra1083 9

lamiglas logo clothing sweatshirts full zip black sweatshirt with green lamiglas logo front and back black hooded sweatshirt with green logo plain back royal blue hooded sweatshirt with white logo plain back black hooded sweatshirt with white and gold type plain back warm hooded sweatshirts in both full zip and pullover styles msrp full zip msrp pullover small $62 $56 lao2004-m medium $62 $56 lao2005-l lao2004-l large $62 $56 lao2003-xl lao2005-xl lao2004-xl extra large $62 $56 lao2003-xxl lao2005-xxl lao2004-xxl 2x large $56 full zip black w/green logo pullover black w/green logo pullover black w/white/gold pullover blue w/white logo size lao2002-s lao2003-s lao2005-s lao2004-s lao2002-m lao2003-m lao2005-m lao2002-l lao2003-l lao2002-xl lao2002-xxl $62