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48 series i 1948-1953 1954 long-wheelbase 107 inches available 1957 first diesel engine introduced series i station wagon 1954-1958 series iia station wagon 1961-1972 1966 electrical indicators become standard 1968 headlamps moved from radiator grille to wings `90 station wagon 1984-1990 1984 leaf springs upgraded to coil springs one-piece windscreen introduced wind-up front windows replace sliding windows polyurethane wheel arches introduced to accommodate wider

the legendary land rover command driving position now a central feature of every land rover vehicle was first established by defender the command driving position gives greater visibility of the way ahead and the surrounding environment adding to the driver s control and security the driving experience is further enhanced by defender s six-speed manual transmission specially developed for heavy-duty applications it is light strong and also provides smooth on-road performance and slick gear changes

form follows function in the defender interior tough vehicles demand robust materials such as the scuff-resistant facia and durable seat coverings the facia is a one-piece moulding for improved refinement its distinctive lines providing land rover s traditional commanding view of the ground ahead instruments are clearly visible while controls and switches are easily reached the seats are arranged stadium style their position maximising exterior vision and easing access designed to be comfortable and supportive whatever the terrain each seat has a three-point safety harness but can be folded to optimise the defender s load-carrying versatility there s space for smaller items too in trays on the facia or between the front seats the optional cubby box provides extra storage and includes two cup holders standard on certain models

trim combinations vinyl seat face twill vinyl seat back side grey stag vinyl cloth seat face black span cloth seat back side black mondus cloth part leather seat face black rack 3 cloth seat back side black

capabilities approach/departure angles maximum gradient maximum traverse angle departure angle ramp angle approach angle maximum gradient maximum angle of traverse gradients at kerb weight 90 110 130 weights standard kg 90 pick up hard top soft top station wagon pick up high capacity pick up 3,050 1,926 1,124 hard top 110 soft top station wagon 5 seat 7 seat 3,050/3,050 2,050/2,111 1,000/939 double cab chassis cab double cab hcpu ­ ­ ­ 130 chassis cab double chassis cab ­ ­ ­ maximum gradient approach angle departure angle ramp break traverse angle 45º 49º 47º 147º 35º 45º 49º 35º 150º 35º 45º 49º 35º 153º 35º gross vehicle minimum kerb weight maximum payload heavy duty gross vehicle minimum kerb weight maximum payload 2,400 1,732 668 2,400 1,753 647 2,400 1,738 662 2,400 1,869 531 3,050 1,905 1,145 3,050 1,953 1,097 3,050 1.848 1,202 3,050 2,030 1,020 3,050 1,775 1,275 ­ ­ ­ 2,550 1,738 812 2,550 1,759 791 2,550 1,744 806 2,550 1,875 675 3,500 1,963 1,537

professional vehicles 90 hard top 90 pick up 90 station wagon 110 chassis cab 110 double cab pick up 110 hard top 110 high capacity pick up 110 pick up 110 station wagon 110 utility station wagon 130 chassis cab 130 double cab high capacity pick up 130 double cab chassis 130 quadtec 1 130 quadtec 2 130 quadtec 3 130 quadtec 4 110 hydraulic platform vm13.5 130 hydraulic platform vm14.5 defender s design architecture lends itself perfectly to versatility and one-off tailor-made solutions it is already available in nine core bodystyles including station wagon hard top pick up and double cab pick up chassis cabs are available for the 110 and 130 wheelbases and can offer even greater degrees of adaptability and specialisation through land rover professional vehicles there are almost a limitless number of bespoke variations available for further information please contact your local land rover dealer or visit www.landrover.com/professional

a-frame protection bar ­ non winch version-vplpp0060 a-frame protection bar ­ winch versionnotshown vplpp0061 manufacturedfromdurablepolymer,suitableformodelswith orwithoutairconditioning complianttoeecdirective2005/66 chequer plate protection kit featuressilledgeandrearcornerprotectorsandtwofrontbumperstep plates.defender90sw,silverstc50245.defender110sw-excepthcpu silvernotshown stc50381.defender110sw-excepthcpu-black notshownebn500051.defender90sw-blacknotshown ebn500050 please note:frontbumperstepplatesarenotcompatiblewithpiaadriving lampkitlr006815 wing top protectors manufacturedinanaluminiumchequerplatedesign,theseenable accesstoroofracksandapotentialviewingheightadvantage wingtopprotectors-silverlr0052302007modelyearvehiclesonwards wingtopprotectors-blacknotshown lr0052422007modelyear vehiclesonwards ribbed aluminium undershield lr008247providesunder-engine protectionwhendrivingoff-road undershield old style notshown stc50437 aluminiumbladewithsteel sub-structure ribbed

9.5ti electric winch vub500820 rated capacity of 9,500lb/4,310kg 38 metres x 8mm diameter wire rope this powerful electric winch is designed to fit easily to the front of your defender even if the air conditioning option is fitted offering maximum reliability for all general winching and self recovery requirements the winch is available as a complete vehicle kit ensuring specification and installation are straightforward features include · fully reversible power for two-way winching · remote control operation with 3.7 metres/12 feet cable · fully automatic load actuated braking system · tough replacement bumper/winch mounting designed to cope with heavy duty usage · sealed-for-life water resistant winch gear housing · kit includes winch mounting brackets remote control electrics safety cut-out switch and fixings winch accessory kit stc53202 includes strap snatch block two shackles heavy duty gloves and a storage bag not recommended for use with moulding kit lr008361