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blenheim leather style 1 hse parchment seats with navy piping blenheim leather ivory seats with arabica

autobiography is the ultimate expression of range rover craftsmanship and exclusivity enveloping driver and passengers in the finest leathers autobiography is the definitive demonstration of range rover s unique brand of luxury bespoke the word s origins are in london s savile row where cloth put aside on behalf of clients was said to `be spoken for

jet/jet jet/sand jet seats with ivory stitching/jet carpet center console jet upper dashboard jet sand seats with jet stitching/jet carpet center console sand upper dashboard jet black lacquer finish burr walnut trim jet/sand jet/storm sand seats with jet stitching/sand carpet center console sand upper dashboard jet storm seats with jet stitching/jet carpet center console storm upper dashboard jet lined oak anthracite trim black lacquer finish

dimensions capabilities turning circle curb-to-curb 39ft/12.0m wall-to-wall 41.3ft/12.6m turns lock-to-lock 3.46 obstacle clearance height 73.9 inches/1,877mm standard height includes satellite antenna front wheel track 64.1 inches/1,629mm access height air suspension setting reduces height given by 1.6 inches/40mm to 72.3 inches/1,837mm wheelbase 113.4 inches/2,880mm ground clearance off-road height up to 11.1 inches/283mm with air suspension raised standard ride height 9.1 inches/232mm a b c rear wheel track 64 inches/1,625mm width 80.1 inches/2,034mm mirrors folded width 87.2 inches/2,216mm mirrors out overall length 195.7 inches/4,972mm a approach angle standard ride height 29¡ 22.9¡ off-road 34.0¡ 25.4¡ to spoiler with air suspension raised b c ramp angle departure angle standard ride height 24.4¡ 22.6¡ standard ride height 24.2¡ 20.2¡ off-road 30.0¡ 21.9¡ with air off-road 26.6¡ 22.4¡ to bumper with suspension raised air suspension raised for vehicles

automatically deployable side steps add even more personal convenience to the range rover and find particular favor with passengers and when the vehicle is being chauffeur-driven this smart practical product helps ease entry and exit to and from the vehicle neatly stowed under the sills the side steps automatically deploy as soon as a door is opened or by using the key fob then stow when the door is closed the side steps are sensitive to obstructions and will not deploy in off-road or low range settings automatic mode can be overridden to allow access to the roof when the doors are closed the deployable side steps are compatible with front mudflaps and feature a range rover branded tread mat deployable side steps deployed deployable side steps stowed fixed side steps see overleaf for part numbers and details for vehicles with an exterior design pack the following sill moldings must be fitted right hand lr018383 left hand lr018484 also applies to stainless and black steel side

load retention net shown left vub000700 includes floor net and two ratchet straps strap length approximately 78.7 inches side luggage nets pair not shown vub000710 illuminated treadplates vplmv0063 illuminates the words range rover when the driver or passenger door is opened loadspace rubber mat lr003894 waterproof with retaining lip and non-slip surface cargo barrier full height vub503890 easily removed incorporates useful integral ski hatch retractable loadspace cover can still be fitted not compatible with vertical blind and rigid loadspace protector cargo barrier full height vplms0039 for vehicles with reclining rear seats cargo barrier half height lr007320 easily removed cargo barrier half height vplms0040 for vehicles with reclining rear seats rigid loadspace protector ebf000040 complete with anti-slip mat not shown easy access to tie-down points via removable grommets not compatible with cargo barrier full height premium carpet mat set deep pile carpet with waterproof