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ever since the first land rover vehicle was conceived in 1947 we have built vehicles that challenge what is possible these in turn have challenged their owners to explore new territories and conquer difficult terrains our vehicles epitomize the values of the designers and engineers who have created them each one instilled with iconic british design cues delivering capability with composure which is how we continue to break new ground defy conventions and encourage each other to go further land rover truly enables you to make more of your world to go above and

design exterior with its floating roof continuous waistline and lower accents the silhouette of the range rover is recognized around the world those commanding looks have been given an even more contemporary profile an all-new front grille signals a more prominent appearance while the clamshell hood formed of a single sheet of aluminum is now smoother and longer to augment the vehicle’s more formal upright profile the front bumper including vent finishers side vent graphics side accent graphics and integrated exhausts help advance the vehicle’s effortless design a choice of atlas or satin body-colored side graphics optional design packages and new wheel designs add further appeal and rear led lights reinforce the vehicle‘s distinctive features vehicle shown range rover autobiography in byron blue with optional equipment design

plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in parallel hybrid mode the default driving mode the electric motor supplies its power in parallel with the engine there is a seamless transition between the 85kw electric motor and the si4 ingenium gas engine as the system smoothly starts the engine and then blends electric motor and gas engine power together using the hybrid integrated transmission intelligent battery management which charges the battery through regenerative braking and even when the vehicle is coasting ensures the p400e engine always has sufficient charge to provide 398hp power output to deliver seamlessly impressive performance when required when in the default driving mode parallel hybrid the driver can optimize fuel economy or battery charge by utilizing one of two alternative charge management functions in addition to operating as a parallel hybrid the large capacity battery enables the driver to operate the vehicle in ev electric vehicle mode – manually selected by a

technology infotainment delivering a wealth of information and entertainment every range rover is equipped with our land rover incontrol® infotainment system touch pro duo it features intuitive and advanced integrated technologies to ensure everyone can make the most of their trip touch pro duo the standard 10 dual high-definition touchscreens allow the user to view required information while simultaneously being able to interact with additional features for increased flexibility and efficiency of use for instance you can use the navigation system in the upper screen while playing media on the lower screen direct access to cabin and seat temperature controls are also available via the multi-function dynamic dials for a truly elegant and streamlined appearance the steering wheel also has hidden-until-lit touch-sensitive switches as standard one of these switches is programmable so that it can be personalized to your preferences to accomplish a host of functions interactive driver

enjoy stress-free parking range rover offers the most advanced technologies to deliver intuitive and easy parking solutions whether reversing parallel parking or getting into or out of tight spaces these features make life easier available as standard optional or as part of an option package standard park features optional park features front and rear parking aid surround camera system –– front and rear parking aid helps make maneuvering even easier when you select reverse or choose to activate them manually sensors located in the front and rear bumpers are triggered as you park the touchscreen display and audio feedback indicates how close you are to obstacles –– surround camera system uses four digital cameras discretely placed around the vehicle providing a 360° overhead view on the touchscreen with the capacity to display several different views at the same time this helps with various maneuvers from parking by a curb to getting in and out of tight

versatility truly flexible elegant arrival there’s a bounty of features to make every trip even more comfortable and enjoyable than ever automatic access height allows you to get in and out of the vehicle with greater ease and elegance as this feature lowers the vehicle by as much as 1.9 inches when activated prior to leaving the vehicle the optional clear exit monitor provides an alert to rear seat passengers to prevent them opening the door into approaching obstacles the vehicle is also available with optional soft door close to provide power latching on the front and rear doors interior climate automatic access height 1.9 inches to prevent the cabin from overheating in the sun and minimize demands on the air conditioning the auto sunblind closes automatically when passengers have disembarked and the doors locked when the vehicle is re-opened the sunblind returns to the position prior to it auto-closing the gesture sunblind provides intuitive forward/backward gesture control

svautobiography dynamic

svautobiography dynamic 64 for full feature and option availability please refer to the accompanying specification and price guide or visit your local land rover

to see your specification configure your range rover at landroverusa.com 21 7 split-spoke ‘style 7001‘ with silver finish 21 7 split-spoke ‘style 7001‘ with light silver diamond turned finish 22 7 split-spoke ‘style 7007‘ with diamond turned finish 22 5 split-spoke ‘style 5004‘ 22 5 split-spoke ‘style 5087‘ with diamond turned finish and dark grey contrast 22 9 split-spoke ‘style 9012‘ with gloss black finish 22 9 split-spoke ‘style 9012‘ with mid-silver diamond turned finish 22 11 spoke ‘style 1046‘ choose your wheels

technical details dimensions and capabilities width 81.6 mirrors folded width 87.4 mirrors out standard ride height with roof rails 72.2 lwb 72.4 with panoramic roof open 73.3 lwb 74 with telematics roof antenna 73.54 lwb 73.58 access height air suspension setting will reduce each of the above by 1.9 height swb 73.8 lwb 73.54 headroom maximum front headroom with panoramic roof 39.4 rear headroom 39.4 lwb 39 legroom standard wheelbase swb 115 maximum front legroom 42.5 maximum rear legroom 40.1 lwb 47.4 rear wheel track 66.2 front wheel track 66.5 cargo space capacity rear seats upright height 32.4 width 50.7 cargo space width between arches 44 length at floor 43.3 rear seats forward height 32.4 width 50.7 cargo space width between arches 44 cargo space length at floor behind row 1 78 lwb 81.6 behind row 2 42.9 lwb 39.8 executive seat reduces length behind row 2 by 3.1 phev reduces height by 1.8 long wheelbase lwb 122.8 obstacle clearance off-road