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l o c at eare ta iler contents specific at i o n build your own hill descent control hdc® land rover’s patented hill descent control hdc® is a standard feature on all 4 wheel drive 4wd vehicles it assists the driver with controlled descents of difficult slopes by maintaining a constant speed and applying braking separately to each wheel hill start assist is designed to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards as it pulls away on an incline the vehicle also utilizes gradient release control grc which is designed to prevent the vehicle accelerating too quickly on a steep incline when the driver releases the brake these systems are not a substitute for driving safely with due care and attention an will not function under all circumstances speeds weather and road conditions etc driver should not assume that these systems will correct errors of judgment in driving please consult the owner s manual or your local authorized land rover retailer for more details vehicle shown left is hse luxury in scotia grey with black design package driving technology design driving technology technology comfort for all engines body and chassis environmen ta l 25